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What’s New in the Nordics

Now that the world has opened in full swing post-pandemic, business conferences are back. We should know. Here at Selected, we cover 2,000+ of the leading technology and business events around the world.  So with all the places to go and things to do, how do companies decide where to allocate time, resources and personnel? The key to the Nordic Business Forum lies in the quality.

This year, NBF also turned out to be the place to meet the 1st female president of Finland, Tarja Halonen. There was a presidential debate of three potential future presidents, one of them a former foreign minister who could soon be Finland’s 1st gay president.

The Nordic Business Forum is renowned for its high-quality content, the opportunity it provides for networking and learning, impeccable organization (they only take staff from two of Finland’s business colleges), and the meticulous planning and execution evident in its seamless organization. Every detail, from the schedule to the venue, is carefully orchestrated to provide an optimal experience for attendees.

Pasi Salminen :: Youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner, Malala Yousafzai

World-Class Speakers

The Nordic Business Forum is distinguished by its roster of speakers, featuring renowned experts, authors, and leaders from different fields. These speakers share their wisdom, experiences, and insights, enriching the audience with valuable knowledge and perspectives. The forum’s commitment to bringing high-caliber speakers underscores its reputation as a leading business conference.

Ticket prices range from €1,490 to €3,490 which nowadays attracts not only the often siloed Nordic countries, but I sat next to the CEO of a company from Holland who had integrated the work of the conference’s opening speaker Patrick Lencioni into his entire business operations. Organizations like Hero that have used Lencioni’s methods swear by it so much that they brought their whole management team to Finland just to attend his morning talk.

Pasi Salminen :: Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Work Week and the most listened to business podcast (1 billion downloads)

Diverse Range of Topics

The Nordic Business Forum is a space where knowledge meets passion, fostering an environment conducive to learning and growth. This year, like all major events, AI was included. Of course.

The conference covers a wide array of topics pertinent to the business world, including leadership, innovation, culture, strategy, and more. The diversity in content ensures that attendees from various sectors can find value and relevance in the discussions, making it a versatile and inclusive event.

You need to understand the difference between what is a trend and what is trendy.’ was one of the many pearls of wisdom I heard while avidly taking notes. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to write down who said it, but Nordic Business Forum does come with a livestream option and access to recordings for 90 days so I could go back and check.

The program covers two full days and an evening VIP dinner for those with access. The food throughout the event is local, Nordic, exotic, organic, caters to all diets, and is cheffed by a celebrity in the field. In a surprise artistic touch and nod to the growing popularity of the Nordics, the conference brought a concert of flamenco, and joik (similar to yodelling) from the indigenous Sámi people in a duet with a hit rapper to the stage.

Pasi Salminen :: “Impromptu” flamenco dance break out
Pasi Salminen :: A song honouring indigenous Sámi people

Expanding Horizons

At Nordic Business Forum, you are sure to be surrounded by European business leaders and C-level executives, immersed in stimulating conversations with industry leaders. The Nordic Business Forum is not just a conference; it is an experience that expands horizons, challenges conventional thinking, and inspires change. It is a catalyst for innovation and transformation, empowering individuals and organisations to reach their full potential. It brings together a diverse group of individuals who are united by their passion for learning and their pursuit of excellence.

Pasi Salminen


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