Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2024: Where Deep Tech Meets Reality


The Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2024 just wrapped up, and oh boy, was it a spectacle of deep tech wonders!

In an exciting twist this year, the opening session set the tone differently. The Mc of welcoming session, Gemma Milne, put it perfectly, saying, “In the past, we’ve talked about deep tech in a way to introduce and persuade people that it’s coming. But this year, we’re here to show that deep tech isn’t just coming, it’s here, and it’s real.” This statement shifts the focus from mere anticipation to real-world application and impact. It highlights that deep tech is no longer a distant future but a present reality.

The Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2024 wasn’t just any gathering; it marked a significant moment showcasing the real-world impact of deep tech in our daily lives. The event buzzed with excitement, bringing together diverse technologies and industries. Whether it was AI, biotech, or space tech, there was something captivating for everyone in attendance.


Exploring the Future: Over 80 Deep Tech Startups and Industry Leaders Unveil Cutting-Edge Technologies

The Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2024 was vibrant with innovation, featuring an impressive lineup of over 80 deep tech startups, as well as major industrial and research entities. Throughout the “Exploring the Future” segment, attendees gained direct exposure to the latest advancements in AI, robotics, biotech, and sustainability. This showcase didn’t just display technology; it emphasized how deep tech is reshaping industries and addressing global issues.

Visionary Voices: Exploring Diverse Perspectives on Deep Tech at Hello Tomorrow Global Summit

This Summit brought together a diverse group of pioneering speakers from various industries, all converging to discuss and pitch on a range of pivotal topics. These discussions covered a wide spectrum of themes, including “Advanced Computing: New Frontier,” “Aerospace,” “Climate Resilience and Biodiversity,” “Deep Tech Ecosystem,” “Decarbonized Manufacturing and Buildings,” “Energy Transition and Clean Mobility,” “Healthcare for All,” “Innovation and Entrepreneurship,” “Investor Insights,” “Scaling for Global Impact,” and “Sustainable Food Systems.”

Industry leaders and innovators tackled each topic, offering valuable insights and suggesting solutions to today’s most pressing global challenges. Their varied backgrounds and expertise added richness to the discussions, showcasing the many facets of deep tech and its ability to make a substantial impact across different fields. These experts’ participation emphasized the summit’s dedication to encouraging dialogue and cooperation in advancing global progress and sustainability efforts.

Networking and Collaborations

Networking was a key highlight of the summit, uniting a diverse mix of participants such as scientists, tech developers, entrepreneurs, and investors. The event’s user-friendly app made it simple for attendees to connect by providing easy access to each other’s profiles, including their roles and motivations for attending. Moreover, the app facilitated the scheduling of fast meetings in specific rooms, enhancing opportunities for collaborations across different industries and driving innovative advancements in deep tech. This tech integration enhanced networking and highlighted the summit’s dedication to fostering connections among participants.

The Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge

The Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge is a prestigious event aimed at harnessing deep tech innovations to address pressing global issues. In its 9th edition, the challenge has recognized the startup tozero with a €100,000 prize for their innovative recycling process of lithium-ion batteries, enabling the reintroduction of vital raw materials into the supply chain. Alongside tozero, nine other startups received awards across various categories. Each winner represents the forefront of technological advancements, bringing solutions to some of the world’s most complex challenges.

Below, you’ll find a list of all the forward-thinking winners from each category in this year’s challenge.

Second prize, the moonshot factory: Robeauté

Third prize: Jurata Thin Film

Special Boston Consulting Group (BCG) prize: Cambrium

Winner of the “Advanced Computing & Electronics” category: FononTech (Netherlands)

Winner of the “Aerospace” category: ION-X (France)

Winner of the “Digital Health & Medical Devices” category : Robeauté (France)

Winner of the “Energy” category : Tozero (Germany)

Winner of the “Environment & Biodiversity” category : Carbon Atlantis (Germany)

Winner of the “Food & Agriculture” category: Perfat Technologies (Finland)

Winner of the “Industrial Biotech & New Materials” category : TopoLogic (Japan)

Winner of the “Industry & Machines” category: InSpek (France)

Winner of the “Medical Biotech & Pharmaceuticals” category : Jurata Thin Film (United States)

Winner of the “Sustainable Construction & Infrastructure” category: Photio (Chile)

Women in Tech

In the realm of deep tech, women’s representation remains a critical issue. Despite a consistent showcase of women-led startups at the Global Summit, with over half of the recent finalists being women-led, only 6% of deep tech scaleups in Europe have female founders. To address this disparity, Hello Tomorrow is set to amplify the visibility of women-led startups by inviting 29 women co-founders to pitch at their Global Summit. These founders will also gain exclusive access to key networking events like the VIP Cocktail and the Invest in Women Event, showcasing Hello Tomorrow’s commitment to empowering women entrepreneurs in the deep tech industry.

In 2023, deep tech investments showed significant trends with 24% ($79 billion)1 of funding focusing primarily on sustainability and digital technology. Europe, growing three times faster than North America in this domain, accounted for 20%2 of these investments. Notably, France and Sweden together concentrated 51%3 of VC funding in Europe, making them key players investing the most relative to their GDP in deep tech. This reflects the strategic prioritization and evolving landscape of deep tech funding in these regions.

The deep tech landscape is thriving, with advanced materials and nanotechnologies leading at an 18%4 growth rate, followed by quantum computing and synthetic biology from 2017-2023. Notably, healthcare, manufacturing, and food & agriculture are the top sectors, each showing significant application presence in 2023. Notably, the push for decarbonization in cement production emphasizes sustainability, with the industry poised to significantly reduce CO2 emissions by 2050. These figures underscore the pivotal role of emerging technologies and sustainability in shaping the future of industry and environmental efforts.

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