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For those who may never have heard of TechBBQ, where should we begin? What sets this event apart from other events?

TechBBQ is one of the largest Tech events in the Scandinavian startup and tech scene. What differentiates us from the rest of the events is our that our core focus is the founders, and how we can work to build a more sustainable ecosystem by bridging gaps between stakeholders. Beyond the content and networking, we also emphasize the “hyggelig” way of doing things!

How will this year’s event be structured?

It’s located in our old stomping grounds, Øksnehallen, where we’ll have 4 different stages categorized by atmosphere, alongside a huge exhibition space for startups & partners. We even have an Impact stage dedicated to all things sustainability focused. More than that, we’re working to create unique experiences for everyone attending over 2 days and we’re hoping for good weather so we can have a rain-free BBQ.

What are some key learnings attendees can expect to take away from the event?

Knowledge and key learnings will include insights into how to scale your company, what’s going on in our ecosystem and what are the latest trends going on in Europe within the tech and startup ecosystem. Moverover, who are the startups to look at? We take pride in giving a platform to startups, who represent the next wave of innovators.

What kind of networking opportunities can attendees expect at TechBBQ?

There are so many possibilities! We’re facilitating matchmaking sessions and we’re using Brella as an online matchmaking platform so you can meet the people that you’ve really had your eye on. Don’t forget – it’s all physical, so who knows what sort of serendipitous moments you’ll have!

How is TechBBQ planning to address the increasingly relevant issue of founders’ mental health?

Mental health has been a big track for us – we partnered with the Velliv Foundation to conduct a long-term project based around this issue. We have a Project Lead dedicated to Mental Health who is currently working on a report title “Startup Founder Wellbeing” and we also delivered a mini-event titled, “Re:mind” that focused on “mental wellbeing, building a mindset for success in turbulent times, and connecting with nature so we can recharge, reset, and remind ourselves why we love what we do.” We also have a Mental Health track in the program, with 5 sessions dedicated to this topic from VC, Startup, Female Founder, Neurodiversity perspectives and more. We also have ‘Breathing Sessions‘ built into our program, which will take place in our meditation dome.

Speaking of health, can you tell us what’s happening with Nordic Healthtech?

Similar to our mental health project, we have a big life science project that’s been spanning a few years. This year we have roughly 8-9 sessions in the program focused on the life sciences with a number of healthtech startups dotted around the program to discuss wider issues. Then, we also have Healthtech Hub Copenhagen exhibiting with their startups as well as BioInnovation Institute amongst others.

There’s lots of buzz about cleantech these days. What role is Denmark playing in boosting cleantech innovations?

Cleantech has a deep roots in Denmark and we build amazing companies in this area – we have some brilliant startups that have some amazing technology and empowered by a spirit where they really want to change the society for the better but also understand that business is important to make it work. We released a report earlier this year on the subject of the challenges and the good things going on in the field; feel free to check our website for that.

In terms of new technology and leading innovations, what makes Denmark such a frontrunner in this space?

In general Denmark is home to a lot of inventions and innovations. Did you know that Denmark built: C++, C sharp, Ruby on rails, Turbo Pascal, Google Maps, Google Chrome the browser?! We’re home to the most B2B SaaS unicorns in the Nordics. Furthermore, just this year, we created 2 blockchain crypto currency unicorns – Maker Dao and Chainanalysis – in our small ecosystem.

TechBBQ is kicking off on Thursday Sept.16th and running through Friday Sept.17th so grab your tickets today!

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