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EU-Startups Summit: A Decade of Innovation, Growth, and Opportunity


A Decade of Growth: The EU-Startups Summit Turns 10

The EU-Startups Summit, initiated by CEO Thomas Ohr, was born out of the observation of a notable gap in the international coverage of Europe’s startup ecosystem. Commencing with the launch of the online publication EU-Startups in 2010, Thomas aimed to address this gap. As the brand gained momentum, it became evident that fostering connections among the diverse players within the startup community was essential. This realization led to the inaugural EU-Startups Conference in 2014. Starting modestly with around 100 attendees in Munich, the Summit has expanded over the past decade, venturing to cities such as Berlin, Barcelona, and now Malta. Marking its 10th anniversary, the event has evolved into a leading gathering, attracting approximately 2,000 attendees for two days of networking, inspiration, and knowledge-sharing.

Quick Stats from the EU-Startups Summit

  • 8,000 attendees across 9 editions
  • Pitch competition finalists raised €250 million in funding
  • Facilitated over 30,000 meetings in 9 years

Innovative Voices: Diverse Speaker Lineup at This Year’s EU-Startups Summit

This year’s EU-Startups Summit showcases an impressive lineup of speakers. Notable figures include Dr. Werner Vogels from Amazon, Tony Jamous from Oyster, and Lubomila Jordanova from Plan A. The process for selecting speakers is thorough and dynamic. It focuses on current trends, the interests of attendees, and the needs of the evolving startup ecosystem. Summit organizers spend the year identifying leaders who significantly impact startup scenes across Europe. The Summit also offers an open call, allowing potential speakers to pitch themselves for a spot. This ensures the lineup is diverse and engaging. Attendees can look forward to gaining valuable insights from these experienced and innovative speakers.

Practical Insights and Sessions at the EU-Startups Summit for Business Growth

The EU-Startups Summit features a range of activities, including discussions, workshops, and talks that cater to various stages of startup development. The agenda includes practical topics such as creating pitch decks, engaging with investors, and international scaling strategies. Specific sessions worth noting include Dominik Angerer from Storyblok on managing remote teams effectively, and insights from Brigitte Baumann of Efino and Maya Raichoora of Remap on preparing for fundraising and managing stress, respectively. These sessions aim to provide attendees with actionable advice and insights for growing their businesses.

Why Malta?

The EU-Startups Summit has always been a European event, though it was first held in Germany and later in Spain. To maintain its European identity and diverse audience, the Summit has now moved to Malta. Malta is a bilingual island where both English and Maltese are spoken. In recent years, Malta has significantly increased its efforts to promote a startup culture and attract new businesses. It is working on growing its economy and is keen on advancing in tech areas such as AI, Big Data, Gaming, IoT, SaaS, and Blockchain. This shift to Malta represents an exciting new phase for the EU-Startups Summit.

Spotlight on Innovation: EU-Startups Summit Pitch Competition

The pitch competition is a central feature of the EU-Startups Summit, highlighting 15 of Europe’s most promising early-stage startups. The selection process began with an open call in February, attracting over 1,400 applications from innovative startups across the continent. After a detailed review, 15 finalists were chosen to present on the main stage. These finalists compete for a substantial prize valued at €390,000, showcasing their potential to a wide audience.

Tips for First-Timers

For those new to the Summit, it’s best to plan ahead. With an anticipated attendance of over 2,000 individuals representing various sectors of the startup ecosystem, utilizing the event’s networking app is highly recommended. Available approximately 10 days before the Summit, this app facilitates communication, meeting scheduling, and real-time updates on all activities. What sets it apart is its AI-based functionality, which matches profiles based on user preferences, enhancing the potential for valuable connections and fruitful interactions during the event.

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