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Earlier this year, we saw startups and future change-leaders pitching their impactful solutions on stage during the 2022 edition of ChangeNOW in Paris. What are some of the most pressing issues you’re looking to see solutions for during the new 2023 edition?

This year, we announced the official ChangeNOW editorial line, which revolves around the 4 main equations that humanity must solve for a better and more sustainable world: climate change, finite resources, biodiversity loss, and lack of inclusion. The solutions and discussions that will be showcased at the Summit will focus on these four major equations, exploring the possibilities, challenges and solutions to address them.

One of the themes for 2023 is “inclusion & education” which caught our attention because we usually see these topics addressed separately. Why did you decide to combine these two focus areas and what insights or solutions are you expecting to see presented on stage?

The Summit was built around major themes, most of which were environmental, although they were closely linked to social issues. The themes of Inclusion and Education were linked so far because we see an important parallel.  This year, we have decided to separate them to go into greater depth on each one and benefit from the whole ecosystem of expertise and solutions that we have managed to federate over the past 5 years to do so in the best possible way. This year we will have Sulitest Impact (TOIC of Impact) in education and Deaf IA in inclusion.

Considering recent developments in the world of GreenTech this year like new laws against plastic microfibers and the implementation of a zero-waste bulk solution across 20 countries – how is ChangeNOW planning to continue fostering these developments in the coming year?

ChangeNOW is an important platform for the acceleration of positive impact solutions, including a lot of tech innovations. Every year, we put forward hundreds of top tech solutions, innovative and impactful, in front of a key international audience of corporates, investors, media, policymakers and ecosystem leaders.

It was at ChangeNOW, back in 2020, that the Ministry of Ecological Transition met with PlanetCare, which led to the law requiring all new washing machines in France to be equipped with micro-particle filters by 2025.

It is in this sense that we play our role as a platform that amplifies and connects those who make things happen. We will continue to bring together the best solutions and the most decisive stakeholders who can, together, make this transition happen in the best possible way.

While we wait for the 2023 speakers to be announced, can you give us at least a few hints as to who may be gracing the ChangeNOW stages next year?

As always, you will be able to discover on the ChangeNOW stage the voices of those who inspire change but also those who make it happen with a concrete innovation. ChangeNOW’s aim is to highlight the change-makers and the doers.

In 2023, we have the immense pleasure of welcoming change-makers like Matthieu Ricard, Sandrine Dixson-Declève, Christophe Béchu and Kate Raworth, to name a few. Stay tuned in the coming weeks, we have some great announcements coming up!

You can find more details on all these elements in this press release.

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