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Ben’s List 30


Otherwise, scroll down to the bottom of this week’s reading list. You’ll discover the multidimensional side of the human brain – probably 11 dimensions that could explain complex phenomena like memory or consciousness.

There’s also an article about designing music album covers with data. Think about Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures which is based on a scientific diagram of Pulsars.

Oh, and skeuomorphism.


The Knowledge Work Demand Index

“What talent want (Figure 14)”

Virtual Events

Peak Skeuomorphism: Online Events, Virtual Offices and Tinder

“My evolved point of view is that ‘virtual events’ shouldn’t exist at all. You can replace the vast majority of virtual events with a landing page and a keynote video that is marketed to be published at a particular point in time to drive concentrated engagement.”


100 businesses paid to use Stable before we wrote a line of code — here’s how we did it

“Given our product constraints, the only way to create a magical experience, we realized, would be to walk users through onboarding live. This would be doubly beneficial because we could pitch this as a white glove onboarding and disguise our lack of software behind a wonderful customer experience.”

Why brands are inviting customers directly into their product development

“By mobilizing a community of potential customers before launch, brands can make sure they have a captive audience ready to hand over their money. It is not an easy process — it not only involves weighing up huge volumes of often conflicting feedback, but also requires the diplomacy skills to gently explain why some ideas that customers might have are completely impractical…”


Community structure, strategies, KPIs, and networks

“To achieve the ideal community, it is not enough to have several clusters with high network density scattered throughout the community. It is necessary to have a large number of human relationships that bridge the clusters.


Tech PR Is Dead. But Your Story Still Matters: Why the PR model is broken, and what comes next

“The future of communicating is in owning content channels, going niche, supporting and partnering with creators, building brand equity and brand love, and growing community. That’s it. That’s where it’s heading. That’s where your effort should be. That’s where your money should go.”


The comeback of corporate travel: How should companies be planning?

“As recovery will likely be uneven, airlines will have to figure out how to have aircraft, pilots, and crew on standby so they can increase capacity quickly whenever there’s a need. Organizations can meet regularly to discuss data-driven insights and align on next steps.”


Data-Driven Album Covers

“So in the creation of the visuals, there’s a lot of happy accidents. Which is similar to the way the music itself was made, with a lot of glitching and bending of the sound. The way I’m actually playing the notes with my guitar, I bend notes, and once recorded, I continue to bend and glitch the notes digitally. So I felt like that was an appropriate way to play with the artwork as well.”


Scientists Reveal a Multidimensional Universe Inside the Human Brain

“’Algebraic topology is like a telescope and microscope at the same time. It can zoom into networks to find hidden structures – the trees in the forest – and see the empty spaces – the clearings – all at the same time,’ explained professor Hess.”


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