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Ben’s List 15

This burning question must have been on everyone’s mind following Clubhouse’s recent Series C.

Its path to monetization is 100% aligned with the promises of the Creators Economy, one of the top topic of this week’s reading list.

Another reason for the overnight success of the platform is the need for new PR channels for entrepreneurs. See below.

What’s not so clear is whether the platform will be safer than other, more established networks. The topics of mass surveillance, AI, privacy and oppression are under the spotlight this week.

And a bit of computer vision to wrap it up.


Creators Economy

Curators Are the New Creators: The Business Model of Good Taste

“…as consumers, we’re going to be willing to pay someone with good taste to help us sort through the ever-growing mass of information at our fingertips.”


How the Creator Crisis forced artists to be founders

“This proliferation of infrastructure is what I call The Creator Renaissance: A Cambrian explosion of creator tools built by startups to solve The Creator Crisis caused social platforms’ failure to offer adequate monetization options.”


The 10 Commandments of Media Relations Every Entrepreneur Should Follow

“Investing in PR creates a vast, measurable impact reaching your business goals. PR can help guide decisions that create third-party credibility, which shows that people can trust your company. Company trust translates directly to sales, making your investment in PR worthwhile.”



Why our relationship with young achievers is so complicated

“It’s clear that we’re fascinated by success that comes at an early age. In fact, we view young people’s achievements differently to those of older people because of our perceptions around innate talent as well as age-related stereotypes and media sensationalism.”

Augmented Reality

Mojo Vision Details Low-Power Chips for Augmented Reality Contact Lenses


‘Master,’ ‘Slave’ and the Fight Over Offensive Terms in Computing

“While the fight over terminology reflects the intractability of racial issues in society, it is also indicative of a peculiar organizational culture that relies on informal consensus to get things done. The Internet Engineering Task Force eschews voting, and it often measures consensus by asking opposing factions of engineers to hum during meetings. The hums are then assessed by volume and ferocity. Vigorous humming, even from only a few people, could indicate strong disagreement, a sign that consensus has not yet been reached.”

The EU is considering a ban on AI for mass surveillance and social credit scores

“Member states, for example, would be required to set up assessment boards to test and validate high-risk AI systems. And companies that develop or sell prohibited AI software in the EU — including those based elsewhere in the world — could be fined up to 4 percent of their global revenue.”


Profit Without Oppression

I normally don’t share events in the reading list but I found this one to be worth a shoutout.


Who Has Your Face?


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