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Sustainability is a huge focus for CES as technology companies are finding more innovative ways to become part of the solution. What is CES doing in 2023 to address some of the most pressing sustainability issues in the industry?

Sustainability will be front and center for hundreds of exhibitors at CES 2023. Global brands like John Deere, 3M, Caterpillar, and Siemens, as well as numerous startups within Eureka Park, will demonstrate how tech innovation can address sustainability issues and challenges.

We expect to see innovation focused on energy conservation and increased power generation, addressing food shortages, creating more sustainable agricultural systems, improving resilience and recovery from natural disasters, powering smart cities, supporting access to clean water, and more.

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New this year will be content on the creator economy, NFTs, and Web3. What made CES decide to address these topics specifically and what additions to the conference program can we look forward to catching on stage?

Web3 is transforming the internet through blockchain technology by ushering in a new digital economy – and CES 2023 will highlight the latest innovation revolutionizing the web from crypto to NFTs to blockchain.

Our new Web3 category will feature activations from Meta, SK, and many others, with a focus on how associated technologies – including those for metaverse and cryptocurrency—can revolutionize how we live, work, and play in an immersive, inclusive, and distributed virtual universe.

The CES 2023 conference program will feature more than 200 sessions focused on key industry trends. New sessions this year will focus on the creator economy, including NFT’s and Web3.

The show will also feature a new partner program, Web3 BlockChain & Tokenization Pavilion, which will include conference programming. This area of the show, which will be located at the Venetian Expo, will feature 16 international enterprise exhibitors, as well as four daily conference tracks, focused on:

  • Metaverse, NFT, gaming, AR/VR
  • DeFi, stock exchange, crypto, DAO
  • BlockChain & Corporate Use cases CBDC & Regulations
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Speaking of things to look forward to, which speakers are you most looking forward to hearing from during CES 2023?

CES 2023 has a robust conference program where audiences will hear from industry pioneers and visionaries. The CES keynote stage will feature executives spanning all major industries including the leaders from John Deere, AMD, BMW, and Delta. We can’t wait to hear what major announcements will be made from the CES 2023 stage.

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CTA reports that CES 2023 will likely be one of the largest in-person, audited business events in the U.S. since early 2020, with 100,000 attendees. The show footprint is on track to grow more than 40% from CES 2022. What is CES doing to prepare for this growth and what innovative changes will we be seeing?

CES 2023 is on track for record post-pandemic sales with more than 2200 exhibitors to date across more than two million net square feet — a 50% larger footprint than CES 2022. We’re excited to keep the CES innovation machine moving forward as our industry recognizes the value of human-to-human interaction and the power of CES to have a business impact. In fact, 94% of CES 2020 exhibitors said their annual sales were influenced by CES.

We have several key areas on the show floor, including more than 1000 startups within Eureka Park, the startup hub at CES. Additionally, CES 2023 will showcase the latest in transportation and mobility, including advancements in electric vehicles and autonomous transportation in a sold-out West Hall at the LVCC. Digital health innovation will debut at CES that will increase the patient experience including virtual diagnostics. And the latest in gaming, content, AR/VR, smart home, and more will be on display.

To help attendees navigate the show, CES will have to continue shuttle loops between venues, as well as the LVCC Loop that connects the entire LVCC campus.
As part of CTA’s commitment to creating a healthy environment to conduct business, we’ve implemented a more touchless venue experience. Health and safety measures will be taken across all CES 2023 venues and will include increased fresh air flow and filtration systems, hand sanitizing stations, door greeters, and touchless public facilities.

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Finally, the CES Innovation Awards are back in full swing for next year. Which problems are you hoping the competitors will be focusing on and are there any unicorns/soonicorns we should keep an eye on?

The CES 2023 Innovation Awards program received a record-high number of over 2100 submissions – a testament to the rapid acceleration of innovation over the past year. For the 2023 show, CES has partnered with the World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS) to showcase the critical role of technology in support of the United Nations’ efforts to advance human security around the world.
For CES 2023, CTA introduced a new category of Innovation Awards showcasing technologies advancing human rights. Honorees include the Clean Water Pathfinder by ACWA Robotics, which provides key data to help optimize a city’s water infrastructure investments; the Aurora by Uvera, an AIoT device that increases the shelf-life of fresh foods by 97%; and the first green biomass low carbon solvent PnP water filter that can block out bacteria and microplastics.

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