4YFN Recap 2024: AI Domination


Welcome to our 4YFN Recap 2024, one of Europe’s most influential startup events, 4YFN touched down in Barcelona, Spain as part of MWC Barcelona, the premier global connectivity event.

This year’s event focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration, marking the industry shift towards AI’s dominant force across industries.

4YFN Recap 2024
Source: 4YFN Recap 2024

The 2024 showcase was a highly anticipated gathering of industry giants in the telecommunications, technology, and automotive sectors. 4YFN highlighted the emergence of strategic alliances geared towards the development of both 5G and the newly introduced 6G, reflecting a broader industrial revolution and demonstrating the latest technological innovations. 

Source: 4YFN

Artificial Intelligence

4YFN and MWC at large emphasized the integration of AI across a variety of tech industries, including telecommunications, consulting, robotics development, healthcare, and financial services.

The main announcement was the formation of the AI-RAN Alliance, the latest collaborative initiative by industry giants Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung Electronics, Microsoft, and T-Mobile.

The goal of the alliance is to integrate AI into cellular technology, with the mission of utilizing AI to transform radio infrastructures and make them more energy-efficient.

Mohamed Awad, the Vice President and General Manager of Arm, emphasized the transformative power of AI in wireless telecommunication services, specifically its ability to enhance operational efficiency.

Spotlight on Startups

4YFN witnessed a surge of young tech startups from various incubators and accelerator programs, such as StartUb from the University of Barcelona, Barcelona Health Hub, and Seoul National University. The startups focused on integrating AI and the metaverse in order to facilitate  positive social and environmental impact through their products and services. 

We spoke with Olga Plets, the CEO of CloudGuide, about her experience at 4YFN. When discussing overall trends and patterns within the startups ecosystem, Olga said “Another interesting thought I heard from several speakers is that 40-50% of pre-seed startups will pivot. So it’s completely okay to alter the direction at some point in the company’s development. Also, some years ago, we were hearing about the goal to exit within 5-7 years, but now, most players expect it would more likely be 10-12 years, so it is quite a long journey, and you need to make sure you are taking it with the right people (team, mentors, investors).”

4YFN 2024 Participants
Source: 4YFN

4YFN Awards 2024

The 4YFN Awards are a global competition centered on discovering the best digital startups for the planet. Those selected as finalists gain immense international exposure and access to fruitful networking opportunities.

At this year’s 4YFN Awards, five startups from a pool of 100 pitched in front of a jury comprised of venture capitalists. The winner was Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech, a startup using an analog practical model of quantum computing in order to provide faster, more precise, and sustainable computing solutions.

4YFN Awards 2024
4YFN Awards

Overall, 4YFN 2024 highlighted the rampant impact and implementation of Artificial Intelligence in the professional world, demonstrating the growing intergenerational enthusiasm and support for AI across various sectors.

The startups emphasized continued innovation and the endless possibilities to come in the technological sphere and beyond.

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