WNE’s Startup Program Finalists


We’re thrilled to share that this year’s batch of 20 finalists are now official!

Without further ado, voilà la liste des finalists:

  • Amiral Technologies – Amiral Technologies’s product is DiagFit – a full-stack blind failure prediction software for instrumented equipment. It combines their own research-generated Machine Learning technologies with intelligent automation. This tech allows industrial companies to quickly build failure prediction models in order to anticipate early failure – both those that are known and ones never seen before.
  • Ask for the moon – Ask for the moon is an AI-based innovative knowledge management solution for leading companies in the nuclear and energy sectors. Their solution has been designed to meet the strategic operational challenges of complex projects that require high expertise and strict safety standards, in close partnership with industry leaders such as Framatome or Eiffage Energies Systèmes.
  • BLUE CAPSULE – Blue Capsule is a modular and compact nuclear powered solution aiming at decarbonizing the industrial and chemical sectors currently relying on fossil fuels. They are bridging 2 mature technologies, Gas cooled High Temperature Reactors and Sodium Cooled Fast Neutron Reactor. HTR fuel is recognized as intrinsically safe and Na as a highly efficient coolant. These features lead to a very compact, simple, resilient, passive nuclear reactor with high economical performances and low development risks.
  • BROLZ – Brolz is designing an App & SaaS for Nuclear Power Plants to solve issues that can’t be solve by the CMMS, but too heavy be manage in Excel files, such as storage management, fire load management, radioactive waste management,  decontamination processes, equipment on the field, tool management, dismantling, and more.
  • Capsa Solutions – Capsa brings a new approach to waste container design for waste disposal of intermediate and low level waste. They develop waste containers that are safer, quicker to build and more cost effective, going beyond just looking at lowering the cost of manufacture; design features and capabilities have been integrated into all aspects of design, yielding savings in all parts of the container’s lifecycle. 
Photo by Federico Beccari / Unsplash
  • Dual Fluid – Dual Fluid is creating an entirely new fission technology that provides emission-free electricity, cuts today’s energy costs in half, and burns nuclear waste. Their product differs from other new nuclear concepts by its high efficiency: Compared to today’s reactors, a Dual Fluid power plant delivers ten times more energy from the same amount of fuel. High operating temperatures of 1000° C enable the production of hydrogen or synthetic fuels for a clean energy future.
  • FASTPOINT – Fastpoint meets the expectations of manufacturers and site managers with high co-activity by offering integrated active safety solutions, which make it possible to detect risky situations and prevent accidents. SecuriSPOT makes it possible to alert users and site managers each time an accident-prone situation is detected in real time, thanks to its 3D vision and its on-board intelligence.
  • HEXANA – The proposition of an innovative small sodium fast reactor. Its objective is to deal with key challenges of the circular economy and energy transition: decarbonization of energy intensive industries and need for flexible power sources. They propose ultra-low carbon continuous energy delivery to heavy industries. Their product is also well adapted to replace gas flame power plants.
  • iUMTEK – Their aim is to develop efficient chemical analysers for real-time in-situ nuclear and industrial uses and more specifically LiBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) elementary instruments.
  • Jimmy Energy – Manufacturers need heat for their processes, and for cost reasons, they rely on fossil fuels. But it is getting tighter between growing demand and ecological pressure from regulators and customers alike. With Jimmy’s generators, they offer nuclear fission heat that is both low-cost and carbon-free. Their aim is to bring French nuclear know-how to industry, to create the world’s first competitive low-carbon industry.
Photo by NASA / Unsplash
  • KALMAN Inc – Kalman utilizes robots to provide remote accessibility and enable inspections and various specialized tasks. They aim to fulfill the necessary missions in the field by making the previously impossible possible through robots or performing dangerous tasks safely through robots. They have the technology to build full-custom robots from the core components of the robot, so we can respond to specific field needs.
  • Kärnfull Group –  Providing better energy for Sweden, working towards a brighter electricity future with their 100% nuclear electricity at an hourly price and development of new nuclear energy. They stand for more stable electricity grids, more even electricity prices, untouched Swedish nature and strengthened competitiveness.
  • NDB INC – Nano Diamond Battery (NDB) is an innovative energy generator and storage that redefines and revolutionizes the battery as we know it. Its long-lasting properties and longevity are ensured by converting the radioactive decay energy from nuclear waste into energy. NDB is tiny, modular, cost-effective, and scalable from chipset to industrial applications.
  • Renaissance Fusion – They are demonstrating fusion electricity and start commercialization of fusion modules. By developing and commercializing the core fusion enabling technologies ourselves, they will be one of the first companies to offer a proven fusion plant on the market. The compact RF reactor will fit the current nuclear power-plant structure. Therefore, RF will create an opportunity to convert fission power-plants into fusion power-plants by simply replacing the heat source.
  • Sarcomere Dynamics Inc. – At Sarcomere Dynamics, they have unlocked the potential to engineer near-human robotic hands that redefine industry standards. Leveraging their patent pending SMM actuator technology, they have created robotic hands that are 85% more compact and 80% lighter compared to existing options. This robotic hand apart is set apart by its astounding grip force, surpassing the best hands currently available on the market by over 300%. These hands will allow human operators to remotely conduct precise dangerous work, in safety.
Photo by israel palacio / Unsplash
  • Sensemore – Sensemore analyzes machine health in order to predict machine malfunctions before unexpected stops occur. Their tech digitizes the maintenance processes with end-to-end machine-health solutions, from collecting machine data to analyzing this data with artificial intelligence-supported tools and creating an automated failure report that detects the root cause of the failure.
  • Steady Energy Oy – Steady Energy aims to deliver nuclear energy solutions in the form of innovative heating plants and reliable nuclear heat service. Their goal is to combine manufacturing efficiency with nuclear engineering with their heat-as-a-service concept, offering nuclear heat without the need for the client to have an in-house nuclear operations.
  • STELLARIA – Providing the next generation of fast spectrum molten salt small modular reactors that can regenerate its fuels and multi-recycle Ex MoX fuels, fertilize thorium and natural uranium and burn actinides.
  • TechnoCarbon – TechnoCarbon designs, makes and sells the first high-perfomance, low-carbon, sustainable materials. This cleantech startup designs, makes and sells the first sustainable, high-perfomance, low-carbon materials which can replace steel, aluminum and other metallic alloys in infrastructure and power plants. Their patented technologies extend lifetime, reduce weight, improve performance of shielding and structural components.
  • Thorizon – Thorizon develops a promising design for a Molten Salt Reactor, with the purpose of accelerating the availability of clean energy and helping solve the climate crisis.

WNE is the place that brings together both major and minor players in the global nuclear industry, fostering an environment that allows attendees to meet more than 600 players from around the world that cover the entire nuclear cycle.

The WNE Startup Program aims to support entrepreneurs in the civil nuclear sector by offering them visibility and a unique business experience during WNE.

The 20 selected Startups will be highlighted in the official show program through:

  • A mentoring program scheduled during WNE to help them refine their project, find partners and gain visibility within the civil nuclear community and the media.
  • A stand in the Startup Village at the heart of the show.
  • The opportunity to win the  “Coup de Coeur ” prize, awarded by an online public vote.

Register to meet these 20 selected finalists IRL during the event!

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