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“Building the Good Future”


What’s the scoop on VDS2023? Give us the lowdown on what the event aims to achieve and why it’s a must-attend for startup enthusiasts.

In just five years, the Valencia Digital Summit has established itself as an internationally recognized Tech event and a meeting point for entrepreneurs, startups, corporations and investors. The upcoming sixth edition will be held on the 26th and 27th of October at the iconic City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain. With the theme of ‘Building the Good Future’, VDS2023 promises to feature stages, workshops and presentations by prominent global leaders. Additionally, attendees will be able to explore an exhibition area showcasing the latest technological innovations, emerging trends, and disruptive solutions. This event is a must-attend for anyone passionate about technology and innovative entrepreneurship.

Startup Valencia

We know there are tons of Tech events out there, but what makes VDS stand out from the pack? How will it blow attendees away with its content, networking opportunities, and overall experience?

VDS2023 aims to examine, through its program, the major social challenges that our society is facing. This sixth edition of the event also aims to foster engaging debates surrounding the latest tech advances, particularly those with significant social implications. This is the case of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, which are already transforming various aspects of our lives. The convention will delve into crucial topics including regulation, investment, new applications, limitations, and security.

Mobility, sustainability, the future of work, the role of women in tech, and longevity are other aspects that will be explored through presentations and expert panels.

Startup Valencia

Networking is where the magic happens! How will VDS2023 create those serendipitous connections among attendees? Are there dedicated mixers, speed-networking sessions, or online platforms to forge meaningful relationships?

Throughout the event, networking and the creation of synergies will be encouraged to promote business opportunities. The programme includes dedicated moments to facilitate these interactions, including the “Meet the Startups” session.

It is designed as a 5-minute speed-dating style networking event, bringing together startups, investors, and interested individuals. The session is organized into thematic blocks based on sectors, with each block featuring 10 carefully selected startups, providing them with the opportunity to engage in one-on-one meetings with attendees.

Startup Valencia

Startups are the heart and soul of the tech world. Will VDS2023 feature any startup showcases or thrilling pitch competitions? How can ambitious startups get in on the action and grab the spotlight?

Valencia Digital Summit boasts its own international startup competition: VDS Competition. Tech companies have the opportunity to participate through four distinct categories, with submissions open until June 29th via the event’s website: VDS2023 Pitch Competition, Meet Corporates & Investors, Meet the Startups and Expo Village.

Startups from any industry are invited to apply to the competition, provided that they have at least one Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and their tech solution contributes to building a better future.  

By participating in the VDS2023 Pitch Competition, startups will have the unique opportunity to present their projects on the main stage of the event to an audience of over 10,000 attendees. The winning startups will receive a host of valuable prizes, including an exhibition space at the 2024 Valencia Digital Summit, and will benefit from networking and business promotion opportunities. The competition will also boost the visibility of the top 50 startups selected by the panel of judges.

Startup Valencia

Tell us about the awesome host city! What can attendees expect in terms of the vibe and attractions in Valencia? Any local recommendations for accommodations and travel arrangements to make our stay top-notch?

Our city offers an unparalleled setting for this event. Valencia is a modern, cosmopolitan and welcoming city. With its consistently warm and sunny climate, it provides a great environment for exploring all that the city has to offer.

Valencia boasts a wide range of captivating tourist attractions. Among them is the iconic City of Arts and Sciences, a futuristic complex that houses an aquarium, a science museum, a planetarium and a magnificent auditorium. Additionally, the city embraces its historical roots with a beautiful old town, where one can easily get lost amidst its charming streets and buildings. Of course, Valencia’s stunning beaches are not to be missed, and its rich gastronomy adds an extra flavour to the experience.

Startup Valencia

In addition to planning for a major expansion in 2024, what other initiatives are being driven by Startup Valencia?

Startup Valencia’s goal for 2024 is to further establish Valencia as a leading tech hub in southern Europe and scale our ecosystem internationally. We are excited to kick the year off with the launch of La Terminal, a new international tech hub located in the historic maritime station of La Marina de Valencia. Spanning over 5,000 square metres, the facility will accommodate over 500 highly skilled professionals, uniting key stakeholders from the entrepreneurial ecosystem and elevating the Valencia brand as a globally recognised tech hub.

The hub is projected to attract over 5,000 tech and innovation professionals each year, who will actively engage in a wide range of training, networking activities, and events.  Additionally, corporations and institutions will spearhead open innovation programmes within the hub, providing opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing among participants.

Startup Valencia

Sign us up for VDS2023! How can startup enthusiasts get their tickets? Are there any early bird discounts or special deals to entice us to jump on board ASAP?

Until June 30th, anyone interested in attending the sixth edition of the Valencia Digital Summit this year can take advantage of discounted ticket prices available exclusively through the event’s official website.

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