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Taiwan’s Leading Innovators

Currently, Taiwan boasts a thriving startup ecosystem, home to over 7,400 startups. Annually, around 300 or more of these startups secure investments, amassing a cumulative investment pool of a staggering $1.9 billion.

Championing Innovation: NEXT BIG Award

Every year, in partnership with the National Development Council (NDC), NEXT BIG Award recognizes and celebrates exceptional startups, fostering an environment of innovation in Taiwan.

With the focus on edu-tech, health tech, and green tech, the committee chose these 13 outstanding startups in 2023:

Brainstorming over paper
Photo by Scott Graham / Unsplash


  • Founded in 2016, AmazingTalker is a global learning platform that combines special algorithms with AI to make learning languages and acquiring knowledge online accessible. With over 11,000 teachers and more than 2 million students worldwide, it’s a thriving education platform.


  • Established in 2015, Hahow is Taiwan’s largest online course platform, with nearly a million members and over 1,000 courses taught by more than 700 instructors.
People in an open air restaurant at night time
Photo by Syed Ahmad / Unsplash

FunNow Group

  • Founded in 2015, FunNow Group is the largest on-demand lifestyle booking platform in Greater Southeast Asia. It offers reservation services for over 15 local essential lifestyle service industries, collaborating with more than 5,500 partner establishments and serving around 2.4 million registered members.


  • Founded in 2015, inline provides restaurant operators with a comprehensive customer management system, automating service processes and enhancing customer interactions.


  • Since 2015, Dcard has grown into Taiwan’s largest social platform for young people, with 8 million registered members and over 20 million monthly visitors. They’ve expanded into various commercial models such as advertising, e-commerce and multimedia platform.
Working with a computer
Photo by Dan Nelson / Unsplash


  • Founded in 2017, CyCraft is an AI cybersecurity innovator, providing comprehensive defense solutions against cyber threats. CyCraft has received NT$250 million in funding and is designated as a partner for enhancing cybersecurity in small and medium-sized enterprises by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.


  • Since 2012, Gogolook has been a global trust technology company, offering digital anti-fraud and risk management services. Their flagship product, Whoscall, boasts over a billion downloads globally.


  • Established in 2016, EUI offers secure cross-border financial services, incorporating RegTech, Big Data, and AI identity verification technologies. They aim to guide foreign workers to carry out remittances through legitimate channels.
sea freight and container port
Photo by engin akyurt / Unsplash


  • Established in 2017, GoFreight is the world’s largest cloud-based freight forwarding management system. Its goal is to redefine the sea and air freight operations through technology, transforming the nearly $300 billion international freight forwarding market.


  • Since 2013, NextDrive has been focused on energy IoT technology, providing comprehensive software and hardware integration services ranging from energy gateways to cloud computing and device data management platforms.

Tron Future

  • Established in 2018, Tron Future is a rapidly growing defense and space technology company, specializing in unmanned drone defense systems and satellite communication technology.
Photo by Gigin Krishnan / Unsplash


  • Established in 2017, CuboAi created the world’s first baby monitor that integrates AI technology. It ensures newborn safety, tracks sleep patterns, and monitors overall health, with global sales exceeding 150,000 units.

In a world increasingly driven by technological advancements, Taiwan’s startup ecosystem stands as a testament to the nation’s unwavering commitment to innovation. As we look ahead, it’s clear that Taiwan’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to excellence will continue to shine on the global stage, inspiring countless others to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys.


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