Selected Events: June 2023



Jun 1-2 – Finland
Arctic15 serves as a gathering hub for startup founders, investors, corporate entities, and media representatives hailing from over 60 countries. Our primary objective is to facilitate optimal business connections by effectively matching compatible enterprises.

JSNation Conference 2023

Jun 1 – Netherlands
Gain insights into the current JavaScript development landscape, keeping up with the latest trends. Discover the activities and accomplishments of over 20,000 JavaScript developers. Connect with influential individuals who are driving both the present and future of our thriving nation.

React Summit

Jun 2 – Netherlands
Bringing together a global community of Front-end and Full-stack engineers, React Summit is an eagerly anticipated yearly conference centered around all aspects of React. With a massive attendance of thousands of professionals, this event serves as a hub for knowledge sharing, networking, and exploring the latest advancements in the React ecosystem.


Jun 5-7 – UK
Be a part of the premier Microsoft Integration Tech Conference, which holds the distinction of being one the largest event of its kind worldwide. Engage with prominent industry experts, connect with fellow professionals, and gain valuable insights into the cutting-edge trends and updates directly from the Microsoft Product Group and the esteemed Global Integration Community. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge and strengthen your network in the world of Microsoft integration technology.

North American Technology Executive Summit

Jun 5 – USA
The North American Technology Executive Summit is set to unite an exclusive gathering of distinguished CTOs, CIOs, and senior executives, alongside leading service and solution providers, hailing from various parts of North America. This premier event offers a unique platform for networking, benchmarking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration within a conducive and fruitful setting. Join us to connect with industry leaders, exchange insights, and foster meaningful relationships, all aimed at driving success and innovation in the technology landscape.

Money 20/20 EU

Jun 6-8 – Netherlands
Money20/20 is a prominent international event series that fosters innovation in the realm of payments and financial services. It focuses on the convergence of mobile, retail, marketing services, data, and technology, empowering connected commerce. Money20/20 stands as one of the largest platform of its kind, bringing together industry professionals from around the world to explore and shape the future of the financial landscape.

Reuters Events: Global Energy Transition 2023

Jun 6 – USA
Be part of the transformative journey to reshape the energy transition by joining over 1,000 executive decision-makers at Reuters Events: Global Energy Transition 2023, taking place in New York on June 6-7. This influential event will bring together leaders from the energy, industrial, and government sectors to collectively redefine the conversation around achieving net-zero across industries. Together, we will tackle the most pressing challenges that our industry faces and forge innovative solutions to drive sustainable and profitable outcomes.

South Summit

Jun 7-9 – Spain
South Summit is widely recognized as the premier global exhibition that highlights the most prominent companies, startups, investors, and institutions at the forefront of innovation. It serves as an exceptional platform for accelerating progress, establishing valuable connections, uncovering opportunities, and driving business growth. South Summit brings together key stakeholders from various sectors who are dedicated to shaping the future of entrepreneurship and fostering a thriving ecosystem of innovation.

Platform Con 2023

Jun 8-9 – Virtual
PlatformCon gathers the foremost leaders in DevOps and platform engineering onto a single virtual stage for a two-day event. This remarkable conference aims to celebrate and honor our vibrant community of over 15,000 dedicated platform engineers.

TECHSPO Detroit // Technology Expo

Jun 8-9 – USA
TECHSPO Detroit creates a dynamic space where top developers, brands, marketers, technology providers, designers, innovators, and evangelists come together. This event serves as a platform for these industry leaders to showcase their expertise and drive the momentum in our fast-paced and advanced world of technology.

Web3 Berlin

Jun 10-11 – Germany
Participate in Web3 Berlin, the premier yearly conference for individuals enthusiastic about the web3 ecosystem’s future. This event aims to create a remarkable experience centered around inclusivity, networking, education, and facilitating entry into the Web3 space. Immerse yourself in the latest trends, interact with knowledgeable speakers, and connect with professionals from various industries. Join in shaping the future of the web3 community and contribute to building the most significant conference dedicated to cryptocurrency and NFTs.


Jun 12-13 – USA
TECHSPO Boston is an exclusive, paid event known as DigiMarCon New England Digital Marketing, Media, and Advertising Conference. While the conference itself provides valuable learning, theory, and inspiration, the TECHSPO floor offers a unique opportunity for testing, networking, and engaging with products. Attendance is limited, so secure your spot today by registering for this exceptional event!

Verint Engage 2023: The Art of Innovation

Jun 12-15 – USA
Bringing together CX artisans or masterminds at Verint Engage 2023. Join for an immersive experience where a diverse array of session topics will be covered, ranging from Elevating Experience Management to Delivering Value with AI & Analytics, and much more. This conference promises to provide valuable insights and knowledge to enhance your expertise in the field of customer experience.

London Tech Week

Jun 12-16 – England
London Tech Week is an internationally recognized event that celebrates the advancements and potential of technology, bringing together visionary minds and promising talent for an immersive and exciting week-long festival.

Qcon New York

Jun 13-15 – USA
QCon New York stands as an esteemed international conference dedicated to software development, catering specifically to senior software engineers, software architects, and team leads. This event goes beyond product pitches, offering practical inspiration by featuring software leaders who are actively involved in the trenches of creating software, scaling architectures, and honing their technical leadership skills. Attendees can expect valuable insights and guidance to assist them in making informed decisions in their own software development journeys.

Viva Technology

Jun 14-17 – France
VivaTech facilitates the progress of innovation by establishing connections among startups, prominent tech figures, large corporations, and investors who are collectively addressing the most significant challenges of our world. It brings together renowned technology leaders hailing from companies such as Ethereum, Snap INC, Binance, LinkedIn, and others.

We make future 2023

Jun 15-17 – Italy
WMF is a global platform for building the future. It’s an accelerator of culture, education, and innovation that has always operated as a tool in service of society, connecting Italy and the world. For 3 days, over 100 events, and a unique format that combines education, business, B2B meetings, networking, culture, concerts, shows, and entertainment within 10 pavilions of the Rimini Exhibition Center, where people and businesses meet technology, digital, and artificial intelligence to build a better future.

European Power Platform Conference

Jun 20-22 – Ireland
Dublin, Ireland will host the 2nd European Power Platform Conference (EPPC) from June 20 to 22, 2023. This conference unites the communities of Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 for an exceptional three-day event filled with face-to-face education, networking opportunities, and inspirational moments.

World Conference on Data Science & Statistics

Jun 26-28 – Germany
Connect with an esteemed lineup of global speakers and experts hailing from the USA (America), Europe, Middle East, and Asia at our Data Science Conferences, Machine Learning Meetings, and Artificial Intelligence Conferences. These events serve as a platform to engage with thought leaders from various regions, gaining diverse perspectives and insights in the fields of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Don’t miss the opportunity to expand your knowledge and network with professionals from around the world.

Pirate Summit

Jun 27-29 – Germany
Pirate Summit is an annual gathering specifically designed for entrepreneurs who are passionate about addressing tangible challenges and establishing sustainable businesses. This conference is tailored for individuals who recognize their role as the masters of their own destinies. For more than ten years, Pirate Summit has united entrepreneurs from across Europe and beyond in Cologne, Germany, fostering valuable connections and meaningful interactions. It serves as a platform to network, collaborate, and forge lasting relationships in the entrepreneurial community.

Hub Berlin

Jun 28-29 – Germany
Hub.Berlin is a significant event that plays a crucial role in translating digitization into practical implementation. This festival serves as a meeting point for over 10,000 technology experts from all corners of the globe. Attendees comprise forward-thinking enterprises, pioneering startups, government representatives, and experts from the scientific community. Together, they gather to exchange ideas, share visions, and discuss their experiences, with the ultimate goal of driving innovation and shaping the digital landscape.

BCI Summit

Jun 28-29 – USA
BCI Summit is set to showcase an exceptional lineup of top data executives and leaders representing Fortune 500 organizations. This prestigious event will encompass multiple tracks centered around key areas such as data management, data science, and data governance. With a specific focus on addressing significant data challenges within the enterprise environment, the summit aims to provide valuable insights and solutions. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with industry experts and gain valuable knowledge to tackle the complexities of data in today’s business landscape.

Turing Fest 2023

Jun 28-29 – UK
Turing Fest stands out as the premier cross-disciplinary technology conference in the United Kingdom. It serves as a platform that unites tech startups, scale-ups, and enterprise teams for a two-day experience centered around learning, networking, and engaging in Q&A sessions with renowned thought leaders from around the globe. This event caters to founders, leaders, as well as product and marketing teams, offering a unique opportunity to gather all the brightest minds in the tech industry under a single roof. It serves as a collaborative space for sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas, and forging valuable connections.


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