Selected Entrepreneurs – Week 47


France is AI 2020

France is AI Conference aims to bring together Researchers, Entrepreneurs, VCs and Executives to celebrate the French AI ecosystem.

When? November 16th

Arab EmTech and Startups Conference

The Arab EmTech & Startups Virtual Conference, which is scheduled to take place on 16th- 18th Nov 2020. The Three-day virtual conference focuses on gathering leading technology business leaders , Startups industry experts and knowledge leaders, shaping the future of EmTech & startups in Middle East.

When? November 16th – 18th

The Women in Tech World Series Online Festival

10,000+ female tech professionals and diversity advocates from across the globe at The Women in Technology World Series Online Festival this November. Join this week-long festival to celebrate the power of resilience amongst female tech professionals as we shine a light on the transformative tech engineered by women of all diverse backgrounds across the world.

When? November 16th – 20th

Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2020

Unlocking the power of deep tech to solve our toughest global challenges at Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2020.

When? November 16th – 20th

Tech Week 2020

Tech Week is not just a large-scale conference, but a large educational hub on digital technologies for business, where people communicate, get inspired and find ready-made solutions for business.

When? November 16th – 19th

European Startup Festival 2020

The European Startup Festival is celebrating the European Startup Community at this inspirational event that connects start-ups, investors, incubators, accelerators, institutions, universities, cities and other stakeholders of the European Startup Ecosystem.

When? November 16th – 21st

Pioneers of Change Summit 2020

The World Economic Forum’s inaugural Pioneers of Change Summit will convene innovative leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world to showcase their solutions, build meaningful connections and inspire change across the Forum’s diverse multistakeholder communities.

When? November 16th – 20th

VENTURE135 Conference 2020

Venture135 brings together entrepreneurs, venture investors, and financial service executives. Venture135 is intentionally more intimate in size to create a contrasting experience to those thousand plus person events. Organizers understand that people are the driving force behind a company’s success and want to be able to curate an environment that effortlessly facilitates conversation.

When? November 16th – 19th

MedCity INVEST Pop Health 2020

MedCity INVEST Pop Health is presented by MedCity News, producer of unique innovation-focused events for the entire healthcare ecosystem, and New Orleans Business Alliance (NOLABA), the official economic development agency for the City of New Orleans.

When? November 16th – 18th

CoMotion LA LIVE

Global mayors and policymakers, leading technologists, public transport operators and venture capitalists, start-ups and established players — the entire landscape of new urban mobility is again present for the most important CoMotion LA yet. Three days of immersive and interactive talks, demos, & workshops offer a path forward for cities and mobility systems as they recover from the crisis.

When? November 17th – 19th

DN Unlimited 2020

Data Natives Unlimited is a series of hybrid (online and offline) events that aims to bring data and tech professionals, established companies, public institutions and governments together to share knowledge, co-create solutions, establish relationships and celebrate the achievements of data scientists, founders, entrepreneurs and activists.

When? November 18th – 20th

6th Annual Western Women’s Business Center Conference

​Using keynote talks, breakouts, panel discussions, creative sessions, and interactive activities – 6th Annual Western Women’s Business Center Conference will explore what it means to truly have women at the entrepreneurial table now and what the local, regional and global trends are.

When? November 18th – 19th

Alter State 2020

Alter state is an international platform bringing together women from around the globe to learn and collaborate with each other as we make breakthrough ideas and change society as we know it. You can join alter state. as a participant or as an idea owner.

When? November 19th

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