Selected – The Sesamers Podcast 009


Lu makes bread; Once, Dan eats a chocolate bar, and Cabslam had the best pancakes in Berlin.

Topics Discussed:

  • Dan gets some further lessons  in pronunciation.
  • Lockdown carries on. In Berlin too.
  • If you’ve been in this pool …
  • Lubomila bakes bread. Once. And candles.
  • Watch Fight Club. It’ll make you $20M.
  • Lubomila’s 2021 predictions.
  • Civil War?
  • “The planet is fine, the people are fucked!” – George Carlin.
  • But it’s cold in London, what’s wrong with two degrees warmer?
  • Snow in Madrid!?!
  • 200% increase in natural disasters.
  • 7% decrease in emitions in 2020.
  • Pledges are not enough.
  • What are the biggest pollutants today?
  • CO2, Methane, Sulfur Dioxide, Pesticides and Industrial Waste.
  • Let’s name some names. Who’s bad?
  • Nestle is actually not so bad.
  • Industries that are bad.
  • A background in finance – saves the world!
  • Dan has a chocolate bar guilt free.
  • What is Greenwashing?
  • London has no more fresh water by 2100.
  • Who’s governing all of this?
  • Follow the science.
  • Use DuckDuckGo.
  • What the hell is Carbon Tax and how does Cap and Trade (ETS) work?
  • Dan needs a law degree. And is a criminal mastermind.
  • Your message aimed at a highly targeted audience. Let’s talk.
  • What is Plan A?
  • Lubomila cleans beaches.
  • And watches a LOT of documentaries.
  • Deutsche Welle is fantastic. In 20 or 40 minutes.
  • I’m just one person …
  • How did Plan A start?
  • Climate Change is not one issue. It’s a collection of issues.
  • Market Research and Data Analysis.
  • What are the Worst Performance Indicators?
  • The algorithm and the service.
  • From a napkin note in a diner in Santa Cruz?
  • Cabslam, the best pancakes in Berlin.
  • How to embed climate data science into companies decision making processes.
  • Companies are clueless.
  • Dan launches a media company.
  • How does the Plan A process work?
  • Where does the data come from? Can I fudge it?
  • Lumobila has robots!
  • Software Integration.
  • Amazon wants to come off looking good in their next lawsuit.
  • No spreadsheets!
  • Sustainability isn’t expensive.
  • Back at the office. In 2023 (?)
  • An EXCLUSIVE announcement.
  • I know this girl named Greta. She likes to ride on boats.
  • Lubomila is SICK of lockdown.
  • Nobody has TikTok. TikTok is dead.

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