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Symphony of Growth @ SaaStock Dublin


SaaStock Dublin is known as the place where SaaS founders, investors, operators & more come together to build, learn, network and have one hell of a good time. What sets this year’s main event apart from other Tech events and makes it particularly valuable for attendees?

Calling all SaaS founders, tech enthusiasts, and future disruptors – brace yourselves for an event that will rock your entrepreneurship world like never before. Introducing SaaStock in Dublin, Europe’s hottest SaaS festival, where innovation and celebration collide in a symphony of growth and excitement!

Each year, SaaS founders, investors and teams come together to learn, network and simply have a great time. It’s an opportunity to connect on an annual basis, hang out with your pals and also meet many new faces. Alongside the learning and skill development comes the adrenaline of founders like you who are brimming with curiosity. ​​SaaStock is your golden ticket to pose those burning questions you’ve been itching to ask.

SaaStock was recently described as “EPIC” by one of our attendees, and this year in Dublin we want to be no less than that. Sure, SaaStock is jam-packed with keynotes and workshops, but the real magic often happens in the hallways, at after-parties, and over coffee breaks. These casual interactions can lead to partnerships that make your business soar and friendships that last a lifetime.

We’re going bigger and bolder with how we facilitate networking, discussions and ways people can build meaningful relationships with their industry peers. Whether that’s via the app or onsite networking areas, attendees will have multiple opportunities to get in front of their peers, potential customers, and their next investor. Who knows, you might even bump into your next co-founder…

One other way this year at SaaStock will be different is by a greater focus on founders’ wellbeing, mental and physical health, as well as professional development in the content that will be delivered on stage. We recognize that founders have a tough job running a business, keeping cash flow running, and keeping a good company culture intact at the same time (alongside the multiple other hats they wear on a daily basis). So we hope to equip founders with a toolkit that will help with: leadership training, time prioritization, personal brand development, and prioritizing wellbeing.


The conference boasts an impressive lineup of speakers from various industries and backgrounds. Could you highlight a few keynote speakers or panelists and share why their insights are relevant to SaaS professionals?

  • Victor Riparbelli, Co-founder & CEO, Synthesia – As Co-founder & CEO of Synthesia, the world’s leading AI video creation platform for enterprises, Victor is on the frontline when it comes to the ‘New Age of Generative AI Founders’. He’s spent 10 years helping build tech companies, so is well-versed with what it really takes to build a world-class SaaS product.

  • April Dunford, Founder & CEO, Ambient Strategy – April is the world’s leading expert when it comes to product positioning. April is a household name when it comes working with fast-growing technology companies looking to accelerate their growth through clear and compelling positioning.

  • Philippe Botteri, Partner, Accel – Accel is one of the most prominent European HQ’d VCs out there. Philippe joined Accel in 2011 where he began spotting the green shoots of Europe’s first cloud companies as they emerged. Philippe authors the well known Euroscape report, which maps out the Top 100 European and Israeli cloud and SaaS companies.

  • Denise Hemke, Chief Product Officer, Checkr – Denise has over 20 years experience leading product visions and teams, as well as setting the standard for women leaders in tech. Denise has held a number of leadership roles throughout her career and currently leads on Product at Checkr, an employee screening company valued at over $4 billion.

  • Tony Jamous, Co-founder & CEO, Oyster – Tony founded and leads the global employment platform that is Oyster. A revolutionary platform that aims to remove the barriers to remote work and distributed hiring. Shaped by his upbringing in Beirut, Lebanon during a violent civil war, Tony is passionate about creating a new future for how everyone can work.


After all the impressive feedback from last year’s IRL networking & the great connections made during the event, what should SaaStock 2023 attendees know in advance to make sure they’re prepared to make the most of this opportunity?

Are you ready to lose yourself in a whirlwind of knowledge, connections, and electrifying moments? SaaStock is where your entrepreneurial journey becomes a festival, your network becomes your tribe, and your ideas become the soundtrack of your success.

Make the most of the networking opportunities, especially the SaaStock app which will be available for all attendees two weeks prior to the event. At SaaStock in 2022, we had over 8,900 meeting requests placed via the app, which facilitated meaningful conversations and discussions between founders, investors and SaaS professionals.

Investors attending SaaStock are actively searching for exciting SaaS companies to fund. Attendees can book meetings with leading international VCs and investors including Sapphire Ventures, Torch Partners, Dawn Capital and more. You never know, you could be locking in your first (or next) round. Many attendees have met their seed investors in the past, and many investors have met their next-best-fit portfolio company.


It’s clear that startups and entrepreneurs tend to benefit the most from access to investors, potential partnerships and exposure to potential clients during Tech events. What can you tell us about SaaStock’s Startup Program & Global Pitch Competition this year?

The legendary Startup Program: where ideas spark and dreams ignite. If you’re an aspiring visionary from any corner of the world, the Startup Program is your launchpad to get the reach and visibility from leading SaaS VCs and investors, and learn from SaaS rockstars and legends who’ve walked your path before.

To help you with overcoming common obstacles, validating their concepts, honing their goods or services, and scaling their enterprises, the SaaStock Startup Program provides a variety of brand awareness, investment and networking opportunities.

This year’s Startup Program, sponsored by AppSumo, CMS, Freshworks and Intercom, is created to assist early-stage startups and entrepreneurs in building and expanding their SaaS businesses. The growth and profitability of early-stage businesses can be greatly accelerated by this launchpad, increasing SaaS entrepreneurs’ chances of surviving and flourishing in the cutthroat business environment.

The Global Pitch Competition has been a transforming experience for SaaS companies such as Cledara, who won the pitch competition back in 2018 and are now a team of 60+ employees. Think of the audience as your devoted fans, cheering for you as you unveil your vision… You have the opportunity to showcase your products and ideas in front of potential investors, customers, and mentors, who are there to root for the next big thing in SaaS.

In addition to the recent explosion of generative AI, how is SaaStock Dublin 2023 planning to address other, equally-pressing issues facing the SaaS industry today?

SaaStock is bringing something new to SaaS events, we’re introducing a series of content opportunities all around upskilling the soft skills of SaaS professionals. Whether that’s leadership skills or time prioritization, creating a better work/life balance or building a personal brand – we’re taking the step to supporting our community outside of the usual business-focused content. We’re offering this type of content because, ultimately, we recognize no two personal journey’s are the same in the SaaS world, everyone has their own ups and downs, so if we can better support our community on a personal level, then we will.


Dublin is known for its vibrant tech community. What unique benefits does hosting the conference in Dublin bring to both local participants and international attendees?

Dublin attracts top-notch industry experts, thought leaders and influencers in the SaaS space. We’ve been hosting SaaStock in Dublin since our inception back in 2016, which has helped us secure high-profile speakers such as…, who can share valuable and actionable insights.

The tech community in Dublin is known for its networking events and meetups. By hosting SaaStock in Dublin, we are able to leverage these existing communities to facilitate meaningful networking among our attendees, sponsors and exhibitors.

Dublin is well-connected with major cities worldwide, making it easily accessible for attendees from different parts of the world. The Irish government has actively supported the growth of the tech industry, including SaaSm through various initiatives, grants, and tax incentives.

Not to mention the rich cultural heritage, picturesque landscapes, and a vibrant social scene. Attendees can enjoy exploring the city’s attractions, historical sites, and lively nightlife, creating a memorable experience that complements the SaaStock conference.


Interested? Ticket prices are increasing on October 1st so before it’s too late, take 30% off your tickets via this link & join us there!


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