Ouishare Fest 2021


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Wednesday, JUNE 23
Re-orient. How to thrive under constraints?
Growth dictates our political, economic and technological decisions. We need to do more, faster, in the name of infinite progress. And yet, this accelerationism is clearly not compatible with planetary equilibrium.

Thursday, JUNE 24
Organize. How to build new alliances and collaborations?
Long termism is rooted in collaboration. Citizens, companies, associations, states: everyone has a role to play in bringing about political and economic systems that are more supportive and sustainable.

Friday, JUNE 25
Act. How can we cultivate our inter-dependencies?  
Investing in the long term means changing our modes of action. Leaving behind a dualistic vision that places Man and Reason at the center to embrace deep ecology and reconnect with ourselves, the others and the world.

Practical Information

Date: June 23-25, 2021
Location: Physical
‌‌‌‌‌HQ: 55 rue de Paris, 93000 Bobigny, Paris, France
Language: English


ouisharefest2021.com (200€  – 950€)

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