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Fintech Generations 2021

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Attendees: 1,000+
Monday, June 7 | Changes in the Financial Industry
Data + Consumer Privacy Legislation Panel
Digital v. Traditional Banking Panel
Women Leading in Banking Panel
Operational Efficiencies Resulting from Nearshoring and Offshoring Strategies
RevTech Labs Demo Day
Tuesday, June 8 | Synergy + Partnership
Synergistic Digital Banking Migration Fueled by Partnerships
Company Consolidations Panel
Startups Partnering with Large Institutions Panel
A Case Study: From Startup to Exit
Hiring Right: Getting the Right People to Help You Grow and Scale
Enabling Innovation & Collaboration Panel
Wednesday, June 9 | Social Impact + Change
Social Impact Fireside Chat
Understanding the Underbanked Panel
Growing Diverse Investment for StartUps Panel
Young Adult Financial Health + Education Panel
Craig J. Lewis Fireside Chat
Thursday, June 10 | Disruption + Innovation
Navigating the Innovation Imperative: Banking CX that Simplifies Lives
Central Bank Digital Currencies Panel
Disrupting Home Lending Panel
Alternatives to FICO Scores Panel
Power to the People Panel
Differentiating Your Brand for the Digital Era
Friday, June 11 | Transforming the Insurance Industry
Automation of Claims Panel
AI & Ethics in Insurance Panel
Fireside Chat with Innovative Insurtechs
InsurTech’s Role in Demystifying Insurance

Practical Information

Date: June 7-11, 2021
Location: Online
‌‌‌‌‌HQ: Charlotte, US
Language: English

Registration ($199)


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