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Ben’s List 78


Don’t Believe Your Own B.S.

“In a startup, despite how the media likes to hype the “lone founder” archetype, long-term success is really only driven by teams.”

The Secret to an In Sync Startup? Ditch Your Meetings and Try an Asynchronous Culture

“In an autonomous workplace, employees are trusted to find solutions to the problems you hired them to solve.”

Sidharth Kakkar :: Unknown


The young creators of a ‘TED meets Burning Man’ conference bought a $40-million mountain in Utah to build a Davos for hipsters. What could go wrong?

“The Summit Series conferences are wildly popular extravaganzas. But building an eco-friendly ski resort for the rich and famous is quite a different undertaking.” :: Lila Maclellan

The “world’s biggest startup funding festival” that never was.

“This is not the first time social media influencers and content creators in India have been accused of irresponsible promotions. Several have been called out in connection with cryptocurrency-related advertising, online games, and even the financial markets.” :: Mimansa Verma


Meta is building a decentralized, text-based social network

“Building a decentralized network could also give Meta the opportunity for its new app to interoperate with other social products — a previously unheard-of gesture from a company known for building some of the most lucrative walled gardens in the industry’s history.”

Meta app icon in 3D (Dark theme). 

More 3D app icons like these are coming soon. You can find my 3D work in the collection called "3D Design".
Photo by Dima Solomin / Unsplash

The Metaverse Is Quickly Turning Into the Meh-taverse

“Disney and Microsoft both closed projects tied to the digital realm this month”

This was made before Zuckerberg announced Meta and its logo - honest! ;)
Photo by Steve Johnson / Unsplash :: Meghan Bobrowsky



“Things are going well for the small banks. Their NIM is increasing because they are paying 0% interest on their customers’ deposits while lending those deposits out to the USG in SIZE at 1% to 2% (UST), and to American home buyers at 3% to 4% (MBS). It may not seem like much, but on hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of loans, that is meaningful income. And because of these “great” earnings, bank stocks are soaring.” :: Arthur Hayes


Finding Wholes in the Metaverse: Posthuman Mystics as Agents of Evolutionary Contextualization

“Augmented reality is that aspect of the Metaverse that gives new eyes to see the material world in an entirely different way. It is similar to lifelogging in that it seeks to add an additional layer of perception to the current experience of reality, and it is similar to mirror worlds in that it continually communicates with sensors in the environment and faces outward to an external world.”

Statue from Met Gala
Photo by marianela / Unsplash :: Dr. Ryan Bolger


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