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We’re sharing a very good article about climate change from RethinkX that details how technology can disrupt the unstoppable growth of greenhouse gases by 2035. At the same time, I’m sharing two pieces about the threat that Big Tech represents for democracies and human rights. Who can you trust?

And more importantly, why should we bother about other topics covered in today’s list, such as product-led growth, community, NFTs or entrepreneurship, when our collective future is endangered?

Some time ago, I explained how these articles are usually structured, starting with generic insights for founders & investors, then actionable learnings on strategic areas for our own company (marketing, product, community, etc.) and then expanding into more creative and esoteric materials that are dear to my heart, ie neuroscience, quantum physics, music & arts.

Is this prioritization my inner system to keep myself sane? How do YOU stay afloat?


An Exact Breakdown of How One CEO Spent His First Two Years of Company-Building

Unblocking others is your top priority. But regardless of whether you’re focused on fundraising, selling, or product, as a CEO you’re responsible for the output of the entire organization. In my current role at the company, I think of myself as an information router, so my primary job is to unblock everyone else on the team to operate at peak efficiency.”

The rise of the one-person unicorn

“Software didn’t just eat the world; it spewed out a new one. The internet enabled us to build an intangible global economy, and software is both the mechanism, and much of the output.”


Product Led Growth: A Guide

“What is product-led growth (PLG)? A simple definition is that it is when your software company offers a free product or free trial and users get value from it before engaging with a sales team.”

How the latest tech products do early access beta’s

Create exclusivity: Establish the feeling of exclusivity within the early registration process. When preparing a product launch, be sure to incorporate exclusive access to your best customers. They will likely become your evangelists.”


COMMUNITY: Not Just A Buzzword, But A New World For Events

“Take a step back and ask your community what they hope to get out of being involved. Some will only want content, while others are there to network. Exhibiting brands will be there to generate leads and increase brand awareness. Create a pricing structure that allows for different levels of access, from free to VIP, and monetize your content and networking.”


Rethinking Climate Change

“By supporting the clean disruption of energy, transportation, and food, societies can choose to accelerate global greenhouse gas mitigation to reach net zero emissions before 2040 and lay the groundwork for a complete solution to climate change, simultaneously saving trillions of dollars and improving prosperity and quality of life worldwide. But to do so, we must escape the confines of the conventional mindset and rethink what is possible through a larger lens that captures the full complexity of disruption.”


The Opening

“I’ve always thought the opening would be at the intersection of gaming, online communities, and social networks. Why? Because those are the mainstream consumer experiences where geeks tend to be the first adopters.”


China’s Sputnik Moment? How Washington Boosted Beijing’s Quest for Tech Dominance

“The Chinese government has long had twin ambitions for industrial policy: to be more economically self-sufficient and to achieve technological greatness. For the most part, it has relied on government ministries and state-owned enterprises to pursue these goals, and for the most part, it has come up short. “

Apple is trying to redefine what it means to violate your privacy. We must not let it.

This article reminds me the plot behind The Circle, aka “Privacy is theft”

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