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All Good @ Arctic15

Have you ever found yourself attending a startup event that left you hungry, disoriented, and struggling to network effectively?

Look no further than Arctic15 (June 1-2, 2023) – the ultimate solution to these common frustrations! This extraordinary startup event redefined the standard by seamlessly blending delectable culinary offerings, impeccable organization, captivating speakers, and a meticulously chosen venue. By curating an impressive selection of nourishing snacks, implementing a user-friendly Dealroom app, securing the stylish and industrious setting of The Cable Factory in Helsinki, and prioritizing well-lit surroundings, Arctic15 elevated the startup event experience to unprecedented heights.

Arctic15 demonstrated a commitment to effortless organization by harnessing the power of the Dealroom app. This innovative technology played a pivotal role in streamlining event logistics and enhancing the overall experience for attendees. The Dealroom app served as a central hub, empowering participants to efficiently schedule meetings, manage contacts, and explore potential collaborations all within a single, user-friendly interface.

Attendees were impressed by the app’s intuitive design and functionality, which simplified the process of connecting with fellow participants and discovering new opportunities. The Dealroom app proved to be a valuable tool for maximizing networking potential, enabling attendees to effortlessly navigate the event and make meaningful connections. With its seamless integration into the Arctic15 experience, the app exemplified the event’s commitment to leveraging technology for effective event organization and fostering fruitful collaborations.

The Dealroom app functioned flawlessly. The gong helped to stay on time.

The choice of venue for Arctic15, the Cable Factory (Kaapelitehdas) in Helsinki, played a pivotal role in enhancing the overall experience. As a transformed historic cable factory, this unique event space exuded a captivating and welcoming atmosphere, setting the stage for meaningful conversations and connections to flourish. Unlike vast and impersonal conference centers, Kaapelitehdas offered an intimate setting that fostered a sense of community and engagement. Navigating the event was made effortless, as attendees could easily navigate the venue without feeling overwhelmed or lost, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the enriching Arctic15 experience.

Kaapelitehdas covered yard with sculpture by Miina Äkkijyrkkä

Arctic15, renowned for its exceptional speaker lineup, brought together a remarkable ensemble of industry luminaries and visionary entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds. The event curated a captivating selection of thought leaders who generously shared their wealth of experiences and insights. Attendees were privileged to engage with seasoned industry veterans and pioneering startup founders, offering a unique opportunity to learn, gain valuable insights, and be inspired by those who have already left an indelible mark in the dynamic startup ecosystem.

One notable example was Tessy Antony de Nassau (formerly Princess Tessy of Luxembourg) who graced the stage of Arctic15 this year. In 2016, Antony de Nassau co-founded Professors Without Borders, an NGO specializing in international educational efforts. She also works as founder and partner for Finding Butterflies Consulting, a consulting service focused on corporate social responsibility projects in education and female empowerment

The Startup Winner

On stage at Arctic15, a notable achievement was attained by Finnish startup Klu, which won the prestigious award of 200,000€. This recognition was well-deserved, given Klu’s groundbreaking contribution to the field of internal data management. By harnessing the power of AI, Klu is revolutionizing the way businesses organize and access their internal data through its AI-powered internal search engine. A distinct feature of Klu is its seamless integration with existing tools such as Slack, Google Drive, Figma, and more, allowing users to streamline their workflow and enhance productivity.

Highlighting their growth trajectory, Klu also secured a significant investment from global investor Antler in January 2023. While the exact amount of the investment remains undisclosed, this funding is a testament to the potential and promise that Klu holds. This injection of capital will undoubtedly fuel Klu’s continued innovation and expansion as they strive to shape the future of internal data management and drive efficiency for businesses worldwide.

Announcing the winners of the pitching competition 2023

Arctic15’s commitment to assembling an impressive lineup of speakers underscored their dedication to providing an extraordinary learning experience for all who attended. The event exemplified the power of connecting with visionaries and industry trailblazers, enabling attendees to tap into the collective wisdom and inspiration that emanated from this distinguished group of speakers.

By fostering a vibrant environment that nurtured knowledge-sharing and collaboration, Arctic15 created a truly transformative experience for attendees. Whether it was learning about breakthrough strategies, hearing firsthand accounts of overcoming challenges, or exploring emerging trends, the event provided an immersive platform for participants to expand their horizons and gain insights that would shape their entrepreneurial journeys.



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