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Unboxing CES 2022


CES is one of the most-anticipated global consumer electronics events of the year and after experimenting with a fully virtual format in 2021, CES will finally be opening its doors again IRL in 2022. What improvements can attendees expect from this new event?

We look forward to returning to Las Vegas this January and have seen incredible momentum over the past few weeks leading up to the show. All CES attendees must be fully vaccinated to join us in person and we are creating a digital event to share the magic of an in-person show with digital audiences from around the world. Audiences will have access to exhibitors, conference sessions, keynotes and product announcements from Las Vegas. We are incorporating our learnings from the all-digital CES 2021 to create a truly unique experience. This evolution gives people who may not have been able to participate before access to the show. The digital event also gives new and emerging exhibitors a larger platform to share how their unique innovations can move industries forward.

Consumer Technology Association

How will the CTA’s recent licensing of Web Summit’s proprietary “Summit Engine” software improve networking opportunities for CES 2022 attendees?

CES will be held in-person in Las Vegas and all exhibitors and speakers will be joining is there. However we recognize not all of those who want to participate will be able to join us in person this year.  CTA selected Web Summit as the technology provider for CES 2022 digital platform because the cloud-based platform was built to convene both in-person and digital audiences around the world. We wanted a platform that would help all attendees stay connected. Those participating in person will use the digital platform to plan their CES schedule and connect with other participants. Digital audiences will have the opportunity to share the excitement of the in-person event by accessing live keynotes, viewing select conference sessions and connecting with exhibitors and other attendees. Exhibitors with a physical presence in Las Vegas can expand their reach to CES digital audiences with this creative platform to showcase their product launches and thought leadership.

Consumer Technology Association

The speaker lineup for CES 2022 is filled with some notable luminaries & thought-leaders. Which speakers are you most looking forward to hearing from?

We have hundreds of industry experts and thought leaders joining us to cover a wide array of topics at CES 2022. We’re excited to have Abbott President and CEO Robert Ford give our first-ever healthcare keynote. Abbott will discuss how the pandemic has led to rapid advancement in healthcare technology.

Samsung’s Jong-Hee (JH) Han and GM’s Mary Barra will also join us on the keynote stage. Samsung’s keynote is a call to action to mitigate climate change and the company will show how everyone can do their part in building a sustainable planet. GM has committed to unveiling the first all-electric Chevy Silverado. CES 2022 will highlight how the pandemic has accelerated innovation across all industries and serve as a sounding board for how businesses can evolve to address the growing need for tech that improves people’s lives.

We’re also introducing a new “Great Minds” conference programming series to feature how some industry leaders are shaping the future with technologies once deemed impossible. These speakers will explore how innovation is enabling global connectivity and empowering under-represented voices—steering companies through a time of incredible societal change. They will ask questions like “What will transportation look like in five years?”; “How can governments spur innovation?” and more.

Health tech has grown immensely over the past two years, with innovative trends spanning patient care, wearables, at-home fitness and telehealth services. Consumers are taking health into their own hands, especially as we’re spending more time at home. We’re also beginning to see ways that tech is helping people improve their mental health — an important, but sometimes overshadowed part of healthcare.

Increased interest in electric vehicles and self-driving technology has also made the automotive market one to watch. Advancing electric and self-driving vehicles will be critical to developing smart and resilient infrastructure by providing sustainable and accessible transportation options for communities. The automotive and transportation category at CES 2022 is tracking for record growth with more than 200 exhibitors committed to the show. We’ll see how this increasingly competitive market has spurred unique solutions from emerging innovators. Some first-time exhibitors for CES 2022 include VinFast, Vietnam’s first EV car company, TuSimple, who will unveil an autonomous freight truck, and Evocargo, which is manufacturing autonomous hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Smart home, entertainment and gaming have also seen growth as people look for ways they can make time at home more convenient and more enjoyable. Our new category food tech will even feature exhibitors highlighting advancements in meal kit and food delivery services, making it easier to cook at home.

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