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For those who may never have heard of TechChill before, how would you describe this year’s main event in Riga? What sets it apart from others in the region?

TechChill is a leading startup and tech event in the Baltics that brings together innovative minds from across Europe and beyond. TechChill always has had a mission to fill in the gaps of knowledge, network and skills.

We are community driven and try to get the community involved with content, side-events and even a prize pool for Fifty Founders Battle. Last year we had great success with the Silent stage. This year we are experimenting with a community “bar camp” style stage. Also this year we are introducing no strings attached community funding. It’s not a big amount but a nice spark to get you going. One more thing, TechChill keeps the amount of people fixed to have this laid back atmosphere. Not too little, so you still can meet new people, not too much, so you are not overwhelmed by the crowd. Just right! We strive to create a sense of community where attendees can connect with each other, share ideas, and collaborate on projects.

TechChill is all about networking, especially when it comes to connecting investors & founders. Who are some of the key investors attending this year that startups should look out for?

It’s challenging to single out a few investors from the many attending TechChill, as each investor is genuinely interested in this region and seeks to invest in or expand their network. Nevertheless, a handful of prominent names come to mind, such as Atomico, Eight Roads, Notion Capital, Practica Capital, Inventure, HV Capital, Flashpoint Venture Capital, Plug and Play, and Karma Ventures. These investors represent a diverse range of sectors and stages and offer a wide array of investment opportunities for startups seeking funding. However, it’s essential to note that this is not an exhaustive list, and there are many other investors to meet and network with at TechChill.


Speaking of, we love all the energy surrounding this year’s Fifty Founders Battle!

Unfortunately the applications for Fifty Founders Battle are now closed but we are pleased to announce that we received an overwhelming response this year. We received over 250 applications from 30+ countries, and the evaluation process is currently underway. The top 50 startups will be selected by the end of March and will get an opportunity to pitch on the stage at TechChill. The level of activity for Fifty Founders Battle this year has been immense, and we are excited to see the innovative ideas and solutions that the selected startups will bring to the table.

And last but not least, congrats on yet another stellar speaker lineup for this year’s main event! Which one speaker are you personally the most excited to hear from on stage?

Isolating one speaker only would be like choosing your favourite child – we just can’t do it! That being said, there are a few verticals that we’re particularly excited about. From one end, there’s the health and DTx track, which will be breaking down barriers in terms of taboos – we’ll be talking about drugs, mental health, sextech, femtech, and more. On the other end, we also have another topic that is extremely close to our hearts – the war in Ukraine. We as Latvians are acutely aware of the need to support Ukraine by all means necessary, and like last year, there will also be a focus on how the tech community can work towards moving the dial and supporting Ukrainians in their quest for freedom and democracy. There is literally nothing more important. But there are so many other topics we will dive into – climate tech, web3, AI – all of which are SO important at the moment, all of which will have their chance to shine. There’s something for everyone, and everyone will leave with nourished minds.

So don’t miss out on this opportunity – join us in Riga on April 26-27 for TechChill and be part of this exciting event. Get your tickets now and find out more at We can’t wait to see you there!

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