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I was asked recently by one of our members what exactly is the purpose of Selected. It’s not fully dedicated to events and it’s not only about technology and startups. So what is it about?

I’d say that we’re still exploring what topics matter to our diverse audience. And we still haven’t found yet a single topic because the audience is quite diverse.

We have founders, investors and marketers working at VC funds, consultants and event organizers in the mix.

What do they all have in common apart from a desire to know better than others what events are coming up and which ones are relevant. Does it mean we should only write about events?

We believe the content part of Selected can and should be a lot more diverse than that and while we keep experimenting with our editorial direction, we’re welcoming your contributions as well:


The Business of Belonging: How to Make Community Your Competitive Advantage


How to Build a Community to Grow Your SaaS Company

“Early-stage recruitment for a community is a bit like early-stage sales — start with the soft targets. We wrote highly personalized emails to a select group of existing customers, friends of the company, thought leaders we’d featured in content, and so on. We had to manage expectations — they needed to know they’d be walking into an empty Slack group — and let them know we appreciated their support while we built it up around them.”


Tried and true product-led startup advice

“Remove assumptions about the order of how you build and go straight for projects that offer unique value. While your product will be a work in progress for years to come, you can immediately put this in front of your early cohorts to gain feedback, show early activation, and work towards building retention.”

How Product Analytics Maturity Feeds a Product-Led Startup Strategy

“Product led growth (PLG) startups get the product directly to the end user (at any level or role in the company) with minimal friction, and then use the product’s value to drive growth. These early adopters refer their colleagues, and their delight is what fuels further adoption.” :: Hannah Maslar

Zero to 1: Product Fundamentals for Go-To-Market


Shadow Newsletter for Evergreen Emails in ConvertKit

“If you want to get more complex, you can dig into automations where you pull people out of the shadow newsletter at the right times to pitch them an offer or deliver another sequence. By setting up a shadow newsletter for your email list you can relax a bit. You’ll know that new subscribers are being taken care of.”


Spotlight on Play It Green: Sustainable Lifestyle Tips for Greener Communities

“…this gentle journey of sustainability will create lasting change”


Vaccine Distribution Scenario Modeling


Planes of the future will feature virtual reality, yoga studios, and lots of cauliflower

“Plans include wider seats, lights that reprogram circadian rhythms, and cabin air that’s more pleasant to breathe. Also, they might finally speed up the ­Wi-Fi.”


Art + Math + Blockchain + NFT

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