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Ben’s List 41


DAOs: Communities of the Future

“The same forces that make Web2 communities so powerful (network effects, organic growth, collective wisdom, etc.) are the reason DAOs will ultimately play such a big role in Web3 discovery, exploration, and creation.”

Source: Aaron Wright

History of DAOs | State of the DAO #2

“While some might argue that Bitcoin is effectively the first DAO, the term today is understood as referring not to a blockchain network in and of itself, but rather to organizations deployed as smart contracts on top of an existing blockchain network….  While everything looks like we are moving towards a new era in regards to the structure, the functionality, and the products of a modern DAO, there is one thing we can say for sure- the types of social coordination, the degree of innovation, the flourishing of creativity, and the new ways of relating to one another that the DAOs have unlocked, is here to stay and will revolutionize our world!”


Community-Led Growth Nirvana

“Building and nurturing community relationships takes time. Create a clear, valuable incentive for your users to keep coming back, delight those who do, and work with them to send a clear, authentic message to the world about your product. Community is all about pull and high gravity, being clever at attracting and retaining community members and pulling in new ones.”

Four Paradigms of Tokenized Communities

“When creators tokenize what they stand for, both their community and business partners can participate in the long term success of the content creator’s personal brand.”


Cohort Update: Over the Hump with SC03

“The first thing we make clear is that you don’t need a token to build a community, and introducing a token won’t make a stale community vibrant. Tokens are used for governance, shared ownership, and rewarding contributions. If there’s nothing valuable to govern or nobody wanting to contribute to the mission, tokens aren’t going to help. Many of our speakers have also recommended using NFTs as membership as a stepping stone to launching a fungible token. If you don’t immediately need to reward contributions, or have the need for flexible governance, this can be a great way to introduce ownership (and raise money) without having to jump into a token model.”


Crypto Cities

“Cities have tightly cohesive internal economies where things like widespread cryptocurrency adoption could realistically independently happen. Furthermore, it’s less likely that experiments within cities will lead to terrible outcomes both because cities are regulated by higher-level governments and because cities have an easier escape valve: people who are unhappy with what’s going on can more easily exit.”

Reno space whale
  • :: Vitalik Buterin

NFT Communities: Which ones are good at onboarding new members?

“Why onboarding is so important (0:35) The ultimate onboarding experience comes down to: 1) Ease of access to informative resources (01:37) includes NFT examples Axie Infinity (01:57) and Wannabes Music Club (04:44) 2) Provide enough support to members (7:10) includes NFT examples Galaxy Fight Club (07:32) and VeeFriends (08:16) and World of Women (08:49) 3) Connect & engage members right from the start (09:22) includes NFT examples AlphaBetty Doodles (09:51) and Cool Cats (11:02) and World of Women (11:53)”


How to DAO 101: Choosing a Tech Stack for CabinDAO

“Funding the organization and creating an engaged community requires broad reach to the right audience. We recommend doing this by clearly defining (and publishing!) your narrative, story, and mission in public and at the right time. During this initial phase, we spent some time creating a following on Twitter and then published a launch article through the blogging platform Mirror. At its core, Mirror is a publishing platform like Substack or Medium but built with Ethereum. In short, you can “blog on the blockchain”. Unlike other publishing sites, Mirror is a crypto-native solution and combines basic publishing with digital collectible sales, crowdfunds, auctions, splits, and tiered funding (editions).” (Orgs) Resource Base

Examples of some of the orgs in this resource base

State of Community Tools – 2021 Edition

“Community happens across a complex constellation of platforms. On average, each community interacts on 6 different platforms, making it hard to understand an individual’s journey across all touch-points.”

Page 16 of the report


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