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Ben’s List 4


They say CEOs read a lot. Like 50 books per year… there are several apps dedicated to this market, providing summaries of books, bookmarking, read-later, etc. But is it actually a good thing to spend so much time reading when you’re building a new company? It’s also a distraction from your market and customers.

Unsurprisingly, I can’t find a main topic in this week’s list because I read a lot of different things. So what’s in my brain in February 2021?

As usual, several resources for entrepreneurs, creators and marketers about community. You can check what I think communities are (and are not) in this article.

There’s also a bunch of articles about remote work and company culture. Some tips for founders raising funds and investors handling a small fund. These topics are also regulars.

From time to time, I find some interesting news in healthcare, food and music too; a perfect combo to nurture your body and soul. These are also areas that I’d be investing in if I was an angel.

We also cover the legendary annual report from Benedict Evens – a must read!

The Great Unbundling

Slide 51


The Non-Obvious Guide to Fundraising


Venture Capital

Our Stack at a $10M Fund



1. State of Remote Work 2021: Remote is the New Normal


2. Why We Work

As we emerge on the other side of the most transformative year of our lifetimes, might identity, community, inspiration and purpose — principles we’ve traditionally tied to our personal lives — be what the new hybrid workplaces of the future most need to grow into?




2. Creating a Community Commitment Curve


3. Markets and Communities

In a sense, the internet killed communities, but it’s also rebuilding them, for the people perfect for you.



1. It’s Time to Heal

These new tools and technologies are already changing how we approach everything: what we develop, how we develop it, and how it’s deployed to patients. Now, it’s time to build.


2. Three ways AI will change healthcare in the next decade

Not only has AI enabled policymakers and frontline health workers to trace and limit the spread of Covid-19, but it has also accelerated the process of developing effective vaccines.



The A-Z of Foodtech Incubators, Accelerators & Grants

Shoutout to all our foodtech BFFs this one is definitely for you!


Reading List

There’s so many keepers on this list, it’s definitely worth bookmarking and coming back again (& again)



America’s Secret Playlists

…we find it hard to believe, in a world where people are so moved by the emotional realism of deep and dark emotions in their playlists and Netflix shows, that they won’t soon come to expect the same from companies, advertisers, government agencies, HR departments, and other so-called “professional culture” organizations.

Names of actual playlists on Spotify


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