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How Twitter Applied the “Jobs to Be Done” Approach to Strategy

“For Dorsey, jobs to be done provided a tool for strategic clarity at a critical time. ‘It cleared something up that was missing for me, which was how do we plan and build around a customer-centric framework that would focus the organization on why our customers are coming to us in the first place,’ he said.”

Venture Capital

Accel 2021 Euroscape: On the path to global dominance?

“What’s even more remarkable is that the amount of financing poured into private cloud companies dwarfed the amount raised by public cloud companies in 2021, as hedge funds like Coatue, Tiger and Dragoneer are turning their eyes to the  private tech markets.”

Welcome to State of AI Report 2021


The Playbook for Hiring the Right Marketer at the Right Time for Your Startup


CGC (Community Generated Content) is the new UGC (User Generated Content)

“CGC has the potential or opportunity for the content to become more. A collaboration. A paid gig. A speaking opportunity. Or maybe a share of the revenue.”


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Venture Capital

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Venture Capital

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