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Ben’s List 66


Early Majority is Dematerializing Apparel

“For this week’s Seed Club project spotlight, we had the pleasure of chatting with Joy Howard, co-founder of Early Majority. Early Majority is a maker of technical outerwear for all eventualities and all genders, and they recently published their Hello World post announcing plans to launch their membership as a DAO.

Learn by doing. If you try to read everything that has been and continues to be written, you’ll never get anything done. But to learn by doing, you have to do it with the best. Get close to the people doing the work you admire.”


Coming to Consensus: Proof-of-Work vs Proof-of-Stake

“As a technophile, born into the dial-up days of the internet, I’ve always been one to become obsessed with the way things work. The how, the why, and the way systems can evolve excites me. Little did I know, the world of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Web3 would provide more information than I knew what to do with “


The Network State

“Technology has enabled us to start new companies, new communities, and new currencies. But can we use it to start new cities or even new countries? This book explains how to build the successor to the nation-state, a concept we call the network state.”


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