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The Synthetic Event You’ve Already Attended

In principle, the idea is not new to me, but I hadn’t known it by this name before.  Chances are, if you were born in the late 80s to early 2000’s, you’ve already attended a synthetic event. Let me explain.

Wait, what?

A synthetic event is a virtually-generated experience powered by AI, replicating the essence of in-person gatherings with immersive environments, interactive sessions, personalized content, and networking opportunities. Now, if you’ve ever been a gamer, you’ll be familiar with the concept of an “open world.” To explore the potential of synthetic events with an illustrative example, let’s take a ride back to the early 2000s… that’s right. Its time to re-live the Sims.

The Simsville Extravaganza

A picture of Sims at a redcarpet event
A red carpet event… welcome to the Simsville Extravaganza from Vox

Picture yourself opening up Sims4 (because the graphics are better). You’ve just stepped into a virtual wonderland. Welcome! Or “Sul-Sul!” in Sims speak. You’ve been invited to the Simsville Extravaganza, a digital realm hosting a synthetic event, where virtual experiences come to life with the magic of generative AI.

Your journey through this synthetic event will exemplify the seven aspects of these revolutionary gatherings.

1. Immersive environments:

As you log in to the enchanting Simsville Extravaganza, you find yourself in a mesmerizing virtual mansion that mirrors your wildest imagination. Gleaming chandeliers illuminate vast halls, inviting you to explore every nook and cranny. Each room has a unique activity waiting for you—music-filled lounges for dancing, art studios for painting, and cozy corners for heartfelt conversations. You feel like you’ve stepped into a dream that’s no longer confined by physical constraints.

2. Interactive sessions and workshops:

The vibrant hum of voices surrounds you as you navigate through the virtual gathering. You encounter engaging sessions where speakers—autonomous agents with boundless knowledge—deliver captivating presentations on various topics. In one room, you attend a workshop on digital artistry, while in another, you join a discussion on sustainability. The magic of synthetic events allows you to immerse yourself in diverse experiences, learning from experts and exchanging ideas with participants from around the world.

You interacting with your fellow Sims at the synthetic event. Image source.

3. Autonomous agents as independent attendees and speakers:

As the event progresses, you notice how seamlessly autonomous agents blend in with attendees. Some are speakers, inspiring the audience with their wisdom and charisma, while others are virtual friends, embodying the personalities and preferences of real individuals unable to attend in person. You engage in meaningful conversations with these intelligent entities, marvelling at how they have become an integral part of the event’s fabric.

4. Customized content and personalization:

Simsville Extravaganza has a surprise for you—a tailored experience based on your interests! The generative AI behind the event has analyzed your preferences and curated a personalized journey just for you. You receive invitations to sessions that align with your passions, a virtual art contest that ignites your creativity, and networking opportunities with like-minded souls. You realize that synthetic events create opportunities for every participant to feel seen, valued, and fully immersed in the event’s offerings.

5. Accessibility and inclusivity:

A sense of unity permeates the virtual mansion as attendees from diverse backgrounds come together. You interact with people who reside oceans away, united by a common love for this magical gathering. The accessibility of synthetic events transcends physical barriers, empowering participants of all abilities to join and engage. You recognize how synthetic events have opened doors for a global community, where diversity is celebrated and inclusivity is cherished.

6. Hybrid integration:

The wonders of Simsville Extravaganza do not stop at the digital mansion’s walls. You find that the event has integrated elements of the hybrid world, welcoming attendees who chose to be physically present. As you converse with a fellow participant attending in person, you realize that synthetic events are not about choosing between virtual and real-life interactions; they are about blending the best of both worlds to create a dynamic and interconnected experience. While you are attending the event from the comfort of your home, the physical attendee is at a designated event venue with access to state-of-the-art technology which allows them to fully immerse themselves in the digital realm. They are sat in a physical lounge which reflects the ambiance of the digital event world.

Image of Sims dancing
You busting it down on the synthetic dancefloor, where other people are dancing irl. Image source

7. Pioneering new frontiers:

As you bid farewell to Simsville Extravaganza, you reflect on the limitless possibilities of synthetic events. The experience has ignited your curiosity, sparking a sense of wonder about the future of gatherings. From holographic displays to AI-generated storytelling, you anticipate the emergence of groundbreaking innovations that will take synthetic events to even greater heights.

Winding down from this exhilarating journey through Simsville Extravaganza, you are left with an appreciation for the transformative power of synthetic events. Through generative AI’s enchantment, you have witnessed how these virtual gatherings redefine human connection, immerse us in captivating experiences, and transcend the barriers of the physical world.

So, are you ready to embrace the magic of synthetic events and embark on unforgettable journeys of connection and discovery? The possibilities are as boundless as your imagination.


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