Ben’s List 81



The Rise of the AI Underground

“The headlines tell stories of big valuations and a race to keep up with the next version of ChatGPT+. But what’s really happening day in and day out at hacker houses and AI social clubs is more electric than that. It’s an entirely new way of thinking and building.” :: NFX

The AI Hot 75

“The generative AI groundswell is disproportionately fueled by a dense network of exceptional, early-stage companies. “ :: NFX

The AI Startup Litmus Test

“Generative AI is a powerful toolset. It does change the game. But it is not the end game.” :: Morgan Beller


Finding the White Hot Center

“At the core of every important company is the same thing: a white hot center – a group of customers who are burning for your product and attracting more users to them.” :: James Currier

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