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The $100 Trillion Opportunity in Marketplaces

“In recent years there have been fewer breakthrough startups in consumer marketplaces (the category is more saturated than it was in its heyday), but most of the innovation in marketplaces over the past 25 years has been consumer-facing.”

Venture Capital

An Emerging VC’s Tech Stack: A dive into Hustle Fund’s platform

“In addition to being an investor for Hustle Fund, I have also spent the last several years researching, building, and evolving our tech stack. Today, we would like to share it with the world. Let’s Do it!”

Artificial Intelligence

What to Watch in AI

“Scams hide in plain sight. The email outlining an investment opportunity or the phone call promising paid work may seem like good fortune. But more likely than not, they’re attempts to defraud you.”

The Artificial Creativity Landscape

“The artificial creativity space is moving fast, so it would be impossible to map the entire landscape. However, this map will give you an idea of the thriving ecosystem as of 2022.”


How to live a double life: Using customer support superpowers when building community

“There are a lot of great lessons and skills that I have learned while working in Customer Support which I wanted to share with other Community leaders that are looking to expand their skill sets.”


Making Panels Not Suck: Lessons from the Masters of Scale Summit

“It’s not entirely the fault of the panelists or moderators; the standard panel has built-in structural flaws, the most important of which is that the panelists, who are at the event to build relationships, are understandably reluctant to disagree with their fellow panelists, leading to anodyne and boring snoozefests.”


One of the Biggest Problems in Biology Has Finally Been Solved

“I was feeling like it was time to tackle something really hard in science because we had just solved more or less the pinnacle of games AI. I wanted to finally apply the AI to real-world domains.”

How the Higgs boson could reveal the fate of our universe

“It’s just over ten years ago that the Higgs boson was first discovered. Physicist Toyoko Orimoto writes that the particle could lead us to more discoveries, such as if there are other spatial dimensions and the eventual fate of the universe.”

Virtual Reality

Palmer Luckey Made a VR Headset That Kills the User If They Die in the Game

“According to Luckey, the anime and light novel series Sword Art Online made people interested in virtual reality, especially in Japan. In SAO, players put on a NeveGear virtual reality headset and log into a new game called Sword Art Online only to discover a mad scientist has trapped them in a virtual world.”

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Venture Capital

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