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Ben’s List 83


20 CEO Lessons Learned at HubSpot on the Journey from $0 to $20billion

“We have two products, one we sell to our customers (HubSpot’s CRM) and one we sell to our employees (HubSpot’s culture).  Like your product, you need your culture to be unique relative to the competition (for talent) and you want your culture to be very valuable.  Like your product, when it is unique and valuable, your company turns into a magnet that attracts and retains terrific talent.  And also like your product, it’s never done – it needs continued iteration.”

Artificial Intelligence

AI Leapfrogging: How AI Will Transform “Lagging” Industries

“Founders are eager to apply AI to digitized industries that seem ‘the most ready for it.’ But that’s not where we’re going to make the biggest impact.”

Meet the Big Tech Alumni building AI startups in Paris

“It’s notable — and a little ironic — that these new wunderkinds of European AI are being propped up by US VC dollars. That said, more young AI companies made on the continent can only be positive if Europe is trying to avoid a Silicon Valley hegemony of the latest wave of digital disruption.”

AI, Digital Twins to Unleash Next Wave of Climate Research Innovation

“The first miracle required will be to simulate the climate fast enough and with a high enough resolution– at kilometer-scale– to predict impacts at local granularity.

The second miracle required will be to emulate the physics of climate at high enough fidelity using AI. Generative AI breakthroughs promise new ways of predicting Earth’s climate and enabling real-time interactivity with petabytes of climate data. More importantly, AI is the technology that will help create actionable climate information from raw climate data in myriad ways, unlocking the potential of vast quantities of data to inform decision-making.”

New Showrunner AI: The Sum Of All Hollywood’s Fears

“’We are building a simulation where AI characters live 24/7, grow and have rich stories,’ said Philipp Maas, who created Showrunner AI. ‘Every week of simulation time, a 22-minute episode is generated of what happened in the AIs’ lives. Imagine reality TV for AIs.’ Maas started working on the Showrunner program last year when powerful open-source AI models like Open AI and Stable Diffusion were released. Anyone can download an open-source AI program from Git and run it on a PC with appropriate power, for free. The secret sauce is in the training of the models, and the skills required to prompt them.”


Investing in Digital ‘Third Places’

“This sense of lost togetherness wasn’t new, however; even before the Covid-19 lockdowns, the world was experiencing a loneliness epidemic.”


Why Do TikTokers Beg For Virtual Gifts on TikTok LIVE? The Weird ‘NPC Stream’ Phenomenon Explained

“Knowing how much it costs to buy virtual coins on TikTok, and understanding the various virtual gifts that can be bought with these coins begs the question; how much money does a TikTok livestreamer actually make? The rapid speed at which creators like Pinkydoll and Cherry Crush receive and react to gifts is meant to maximize their revenue, which comes out to approximately 1.3 cents per virtual coin.

By most estimates, we can gather that 1000 gifts worth 99 virtual coins each would result in a $1,287 payday. But how much of that revenue does the TikToker actually take home?”


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