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Top 3 Venture Capital Firms in Malta


In the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta’s entrepreneurial spirit is soaring, largely thanks to the vital support from its venture capital ecosystem. Our Top 3 Venture Capital Firms in Malta post sheds light on the key financiers empowering this growth.

These firms are more than investors; they are visionaries, fostering innovation and driving the success of Malta’s most promising startups. Join us as we explore these leading players in Malta’s burgeoning business scene.

We took into account the number of deals per year to create this list.

Top 3 Venture Capital Firms in Malta binance-labs

Binance Labs – VC in Malta

Binance Labs is focused on empowering the decentralized web by investing in strong blockchain projects and founders. They identify, invest in, and support blockchain entrepreneurs, startups, and communities, aiming to grow the wider blockchain ecosystem. Committed to backing technical teams that positively impact the crypto space, Binance Labs plays a significant role in fostering innovation in the decentralized web, operating independently but with licensing from Binance for the use of its trademark.

Sector focus: Blockchain, Web3, Cryptocurrency, Software, IT

Round: Early Stage Venture, Seed

Total investments: 135

Founding Year: 2017

Notable Investments: Renzo,,, StakeStone, Puffer Finance

Top 3 Venture Capital Firms in Malta peakbridge

PeakBridge – Venture Capital in Malta

PeakBridge is a venture capital firm specializing in FoodTech investments. They focus on startups disrupting food systems for positive planetary and population impacts. As a member of the Edmond de Rothschild Private Equity partnership, PeakBridge connects technology and processes that shape the future of food. Their team has extensive Agri-Food operational and financial experience. PeakBridge is also an official partner of EIT Food.

Sector focus: Foodtech, Health care, Wellness, AI

Round: Late Stage Venture, Seed

Total investments: 32

Founding Year: 2017

Notable Investments: The Mediterranean Food Lab, WNWN Food Labs, Hyperplan, Myconeos Limited

Top 3 Venture Capital Firms in Malta re.Mind Capital

re.Mind Capital

re.Mind Capital is a venture capital fund dedicated to mental and neurological health. They invest in startups focused on brain-computer interfaces, personalization, new pharmacology, and new modalities. Their approach targets innovative solutions for mental and neurological health, supporting founders in solving humanity’s most prevalent problems. They’re part of Christian Angermayer’s Apeiron Investment Group.

Sector focus: Health care, Medical, Biotechnology, Medical Device, Mental Health

Round:Late Stage Venture, Seed

Total investments:17

Founding Year: 2020

Notable Investments: Precision Neuroscience, Alena, Motif Neurotech, Kanna Health, Sensorium Therapeutics

Top 3 Venture Capital Firms in Malta.


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