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Steering through South Summit 2021


We’re loving this year’s “Shape the Future” theme! What’s an example of how this ethos is driving the behind-the-scenes experience of building South Summit?

South Summit was always very committed to impact, looking to do its best to inspire people for good and being responsible with the environment in our productions. This year we took a step forward. We are facing huge global challenges, including climate change, a lack of natural resources and the impact of these on human lives, and we believe that entrepreneurs and businesses have to be part of the solution of these challenges.

Under the theme of Shaping the Future, this year’s edition will have sustainability as the core motto of the event. Our program is focused on showing that green is the new black: that being sustainable is a very good business, that there are new business opportunities in the green economy and that we are all requested to collaborate to this challenge. We have produced the encounter as a net zero emission event, using more sustainable materials and processes, we are applying to achieve a green festival certification. Additionally we have launched a call to the whole ecosystem to sign the Net Zero Pledge and commit to reducing all emissions by 2030.

You can see that we are totally committed to walking the talk.

South Summit Madrid is hosting some great speakers this year. Who are you most looking forward to welcoming on stage?

We are very excited to have in Madrid great ecosystem references such as Christopher Gavigan, Co-Founder of The Honest Company; Gunter Pauli, Founder and Director of Zeri and author of The Blue Economy, María Mendiluce, CEO We Mean Business, or Sebastian Seimiatkowski, Founder and CEO of Klarna, among many others (more than 600 hundred that will join the 5 stages of South Summit).

Is there anything unique or special about the networking opportunities available to attendees from South Summit?

Unlike other global events, the main focus of South Summit is enabling business opportunities and connections. Thus we take networking very seriously. During the week of the Summit we’re planning diverse networking activities for specific groups, both in la Nave and in representative venues in Madrid – such as Prado Museum, Palacio de Liria, Jardin Botánico and the IE Tower – in order to enable the best relationships with global business leaders and investors. Additionally, the encounter in La Nave will include workshops, business lounges and meeting places; of course participants can also organize and reserve one to one meetings.

After South Summit Madrid, you’re off to Valencia to host another South Summit event in November. What’s the main difference between the Madrid event and all the other satellite events that are still TBD for Bilbao, Málaga, Mexico & Colombia?

Madrid is our global encounter, where we connect and inspire in all different tracks and sectors. In other regions of Spain we are working together with the local ecosystem to develop opportunities for business and innovation in specific sectors, where we believe there is an added value. For instance in Valencia we are focused in Health & Wellbeing, in Bilbao on Industry 4.0, Gastronomy and Energy, and in Malaga it’s Mobility & Smart Cities. Internationally we have other encounters, mainly in Latin America, to further engage the global ecosystem and build a bridge between Europe and other continents.

Interested in finding out more about this incredible event in Madrid? Check out our Sesamers profile of South Summit 2021

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